WordPress is a great web hosting that is used by many website owners, business owners, and bloggers. It does not need any introduction. But using managed WordPress hosting is an important decision. Many people struggle with this decision. But we are here discussing 2 of the biggest names in WordPress managed hosting. These are the options that stand at the top of the list when anyone talks about WordPress hosting. We are talking about WP Engine and Kinsta. These two are some of the most precious options which have good speed and performance. 

    These WordPress hostings have great plans and packs which will provide you with great features to make sure your website’s performance is as good as their plans. They came in the market as well for this service. We know that choosing between these two is not simple but you will have to make a decision. 

    Pricing and plan

    Below let’s discuss the pricing of both WordPress hosting:

    Kinsta – The plan for Kinsta starts at $30. It offers a bandwidth of 50 GB and offers 1 site. 

    WP Engine – the base plan of WP Engine well starts at $30 and offers 1 WordPress install and free SSL and CDN. 


    Whenever someone is making a decision based on WordPress hosting they prefer customer support first. Their decision is based on this feature a lot. In times of trouble or downtime, it is necessary that your WordPress hosting helps you in solving the trouble. 

    In this section, we will check the support of these hostings. Though both of these managed WordPress hostings have around-the-clock service but their service level is different. The Kinsta team offers dedicated support which comes from a team of experts. They are able to clear the problem instantly. WP Engine as well as great 24-hour support but their team is not entirely consisted of experts but also has some newbies which have good knowledge of the system and queries. 

    While Kinsta does have an expert team that has solutions to all the problems of the customers they don’t have support on the phone. Phone support is nowadays available on many WordPress hostings. You will get phone support on WP Engine. This makes conversations and problem-solving easier. Live chat, email and ticketing are great options but phone support makes the functioning easier. 


    Let’s now discuss the features that web hosting has to offer. In this section we will check the storage, support, and bandwidth of these two WordPress hosting:

    Kinsta has more than 20 data centers which make the server connection very strong. On the other hand, WP Engine only has 3 data centers. 

    WordPress managed to host should have multiple WordPress installations. In the Kinsta plan, you get up to 20 WordPress installs. This is a good number. But this remains low when we check that the WP engine has up to 30 installations which are higher than Kinsta. 

    With Kinsta and WP Engine both, you will get 50 GB of storage. 

    You will get round-the-clock support on both the options but phone support is available only on WP Engine. 

    Kinsta has a great uptime of 99.99 which is similar to WP Engine. Both of these WordPress-managed hostings have the same uptime. 


    Choosing good WordPress hosting is not easy. It is a big decision because it is important for your website’s success. Both Kinsta and WP Engine are great options and you can choose any of the two. For the ones who value the support system the most, they can choose the WP Engine. But those who want more features can consider Kinsta.


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