Finding the right WordPress service is altogether a difficult task. If on that you are searching for a web hosting service which is well in performance and also does not cost you. A lot in your pocket then that could be a great deal. A lot of people suffer a long time in this search and still go with an ordinary one. It is a myth that you need to buy a web hosting service that costs high to get a better-performing WordPress site. Even with the cheaper sites, you can do the work. It is not a new thing that people are going for cheaper options and it is. It is even wrong to look at your circumstances if you don’t have too high traffic or have just started out. In this article, we have included some of the best and cheap WordPress hosting sites that can help you in boosting your business and getting more conversions. Let’s begin


    If you are someone who knows even a little about WordPress hosting or even has only thought of starting a WordPress site then it is obvious that you know about Bluehost. The web hosting service needs no introduction. It is one of the best WordPress hosting services. WordPress itself promotes it. 


    They have dedicated customer support which is available 24/7 

    Despite being such a cheap WordPress hosting they offer freebies like a free SSL certificate, WordPress integration, and domain for a year. 

    Automatic WordPress installation and upgrades to provide a better performing site

    They provide uptime of 99.98% and 50Gb storage. 

    Its base plan for WordPress starts at $4.95.


    Hostinger is the cheapest among all on this list. It offers all the services at such a rate. It might be lacking in some areas and services but at such cost, it is surely a good deal. This web hosting has many features along with having widely spread data centers that help in the server network. 


    They have affordable plans

    They offer free domain

    WordPress installation with a single click

    Its base plan for WordPress starts at $1.99.

    A2 Hosting 

    Despite being new in the industry A2 Hosting has got a good name for itself. It is a budget WordPress hosting site that is worthy of this list. They make quite a few changes to bring the cost as low as they offer for WordPress hosting. 


    As for freebies, they offer free SSD drives, unlimited hosting, and free domain. 

    They also provide unlimited bandwidth.

    Its base plan starts at @3.92


    Dreamhost is a perfect option when it comes to affordable WordPress hosting. Their offers and services justify the price. It is not easy to find such a WordPress hosting that offers a lot of features at this low cost.


    They provide pre-installed WordPress.

    They have round-the-clock support.

    Under freebies, they offer free domain, automated WordPress migration, SSL certificate, and unmetered bandwidth.

    Uptime of 99.95%

    Its base plan costs $4.95.


    With the name itself, they make it clear that Namecheap is an affordable WordPress hosting. They provide low-cost hosting with an abundance of features. Though it may not be the perfect choice for WordPress because of the lack of specific WordPress features, it is a good-performing WordPress site. 


    Choice of data center between UK or USA.

    They provide unlimited bandwidth

    You can access 3 websites at its base plan. 

    Its base plan costs $1.44.

    To conclude

    The above-mentioned sites are best for anyone who needs a well-performing WordPress site that will not put a hole in their pocket. You can check all the options and go with the one which fulfills all your requirements. It is necessary that you conclude all your necessities for the WordPress hosting service and then make the final decision.


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