Youtube is a big platform where everyone is trying to set their feet. The ones who have already established themselves know the right drill, tools, and techniques to achieve success. But the ones who are new to this field struggle a lot for small tasks as well. In this blog, we have included some of the essential tools that will help you in the youtube journey. Some of the newbies think that they only need to create videos and they will start to achieve running and success on YouTube. We have enlisted some of the tools on the basis of the tools which are essential for YouTube creators which will make your work easy. All the tools perform different tasks. Let’s check them out


    We all know the importance of thumbnails in a YouTube video. These are the first impressions of your video. If you fail to create an impression then the viewer will not look at your video. If no one clicks on your video then there is no point in creating a great video and putting so much effort into it. Canva helps a lot in creating good thumbnails for your video. It is basically used for graphic designing. It is an easy-to-use app that will help you in creating pictures and thumbnails for your YouTube videos. 


    If you are looking for a free app for your YouTube channel success then you have to check out TubeBuddy. It is not only free but gives a premium experience. You can enjoy many of its features for free but to get more out of it you will need to upgrade to premium. It is used for getting good statistics of your YouTube channel and its videos. You can also check the research about your peers and competition which will give you a good idea of where you and your channel stands. 

    YouTube Studio

    YouTube Studio is YouTube’s creation of apps for helping the creators to have better control and management of their channel. This will provide connection to other apps easily. You won’t have to spend much time in integration. It will help you in viewing the channel and its essential details. This includes the performance of your video and the other activities related to the channel and YouTube video. This will also provide you ease to manage the videos and their details like analytics and comments. You won’t leave out information related to monetization and views of the YouTube video. 

    Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is a great tool for YouTube creators. We all are aware of the amazing applications and services of Adobe and this one is an addition to it. This has the ability to make your stories and videos look professional and attractive. You will not be just limited to videos and pictures and can also create and customize other things like logos or fonts for your website. If you create thumbnails on this application then it is simple and easy and can be created in a matter of minutes which makes it a time saver. It has variations or we can also say variations according to its use and application. 

    To Conclude

    This blog included some of the finest tools that can help any YouTube creator. It is not simple to get started with YouTube especially when there is such high competition. But with the help of these tools, you can make the journey towards success easier. Canva and Adobe Spark are designing and creative tools. For anyone who is into designing or graphic designing to be specific will benefit from it. You can use these applications to track and analyze your YouTube videos performance and activities.


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