In a law firm there is always a place for extra hands. Keeping in mind the high load of work most of the time these law firms are in search of a law attorney. But here is a then to that search. This time you shall start the search for a paralegal instead of a lawyer. You might be wondering why a reputable firm will go for paralegal for their law firm. The answer is they are in every way more beneficial than a lawyer when it comes to extra work handling. 

    One of the major reasons for this is that they are less expensive than hiring a lawyer. But the answer is not just limited to this; you can get much more out of this decision. In this blog we have included all the possible advantages of hiring a paralegal over a lawyer:

    1. Cost-effective

    A lawyer has completed their law degree and their salary demand as well is that high. Due to this, some of the times the law firm’s expenses get higher than expected in their budget plan. Instead, if you go for a paralegal they cost far less than a lawyer. Their salary requirements are lower as compared to a lawyer. You can hire them without even fluctuating your budget plan and get most of the benefits that a lawyer can provide from a paralegal.¬†

    2. Return on investment

    Hiring a lawyer is a high-cost expense for a law firm. Their salary is high. But this disadvantage is not just limited to this factor. Even their performance is not met with the amount paid for them. They demand a higher amount and in return, their services are not met. Whereas a paralegal can provide you much more services as compared to a lawyer. 

    3. Higher profits

    When you are spending less on hiring professional lawyers then you surely save a lot in your pocket. It also has the benefits of cost-cutting. When your firm has more employees the clients will get more personalized service which gives you more business and hence more profit. 

    4. Happier clients

    Lawyers do have more knowledge and insight about the law when it comes to a paralegal. But there is surely a lack of communication with the clients from their side. Most clients are not satisfied with the rate of communication from the lawyer’s side. While a paralegal gives them much more time and tries to explain the approach. Even the rate or charges are decreased which means the clients will be receiving the same service at a lower cost. This does make them happier comparatively. 

    5. More understanding

    Lawyers tend to feel that they know the world when it comes to law-related matters. This sometimes keeps them from taking orders and following directions. Whereas the paralegal is more modest and they will follow your orders and take the advice seriously. Without any argument or debate sessions, you can expect your task to be done with them. They won’t ask unnecessary questions for the process and will follow the orders rightfully. 

    6. Lesser chances of quitting

    Lawyers have a high ambition when it comes to their careers. They have wider opportunities from other firms as well. This means that with time there are chances that they can leave the firm to grab better opportunities. But paralegals have a narrow opportunity and even tend to stick to their current firm for promotion opportunities. 

    Bottom line

    With this article, it is proved that hiring a paralegal over a lawyer does bring a lot of benefits to your law firm. From being cost-effective, client satisfaction to more stability and understanding they will provide you a lot of advantages that can help your firm to grow and that too at a lower expense.


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