WordPress surely is an SEO-optimized platform for websites. Most people take this fact as a signal for not having to make any further efforts in improving the performance of their website or for better running. You should understand that being an SEO-optimized platform should not be enough and you should make extra efforts for it. 

    WordPress is an essential part of your business so to make it more effective you should use some plugins. This will not only improve the performance and the ranking but also the tasks would be easier with it. There are different plugins for different tasks. But you should not use too many plugins or it will hamper your site’s speed. You can pick the ones which perform many tasks at a time. 

    But we know it would be hard for you to find a plugin that can be useful or which will do the task which is right for your website. But you need not be worried because in this blog we will be helping you out on this one. We have enlisted below some of the best plugins for your WordPress website and you can pick the right one as per your requirement. Let’s begin

    Monsterinsights Lite

    Monsterinsights is one of the finest options for the WordPress plugin. This is considered the top choice for your website. This also provides you to integrate with Google analytics so you can keep a track of your blogs. It is simple and easy to connect your blog with Google analytics.


    If you are looking for a plugin that will help you in generating sales and leads for your blog then Optinmonster is the right option for you. It also has a call to action that will let the visitor subscribe to your blog for better reach. 

    Smash Balloon

    Smash Balloon is a big name in the social media plugin and especially for WordPress. It has many features. Some of its significant features are that it helps you in connecting the Instagram feed and Twitter feeds. You can also watch the leads and conversions on this plugin. 

    All in one SEO

    This one is a perfect choice for the WordPress plugin and is even considered better than Yoast SEO by many professionals. All in one SEO is just like its name. It will help you in creating or writing the blog and then optimizing it. It will also help in driving traffic to your blog and social media sites. 


    You can get it by the name of Memberpress that it is a plugin that will provide you control on your posts, pages and content on who can access it and who cannot. It will also be helpful in making your blog site into a membership site. This is a premium option. 


    When you have a social media site or WordPress blog site you also plan on organizing giveaways. Well for that RafflePress is the choice you should make. It is also a beginner-friendly plugin if you are just starting it won’t cause much trouble in your work. 


    For anyone who is looking for a plugin that will be protective for their website then Sucuri is the option for you. It gives protection to your WordPress site against any scam or malware. It is possible if you own a website hackers might give you a hard time but with this plugin, you will not be struggling with any of those issues. 

    Parting Words

    In this blog, you have seen the finest options for WordPress plugins. You shall choose the one which stands right on your expectations. You can even check some reviews before signing up for any of these. This blog might have been helpful in finding the plugin for your website. You should use the ones for the correct task and it will help your website to grow and perform well.


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