Tracking your outcome is one of the finest ways of finding out your progress or your status. This will let you know your status of work and will also help in reporting if you are working for someone. This helps in setting the target as well. You can have a clear mind about what you are studying, researching, or working about. Many times you have to tackle the traffic of your website, the leads, sales, and everything in between by yourself. It is not simple to manage. 

    This is why you need a tool or software that can help you in making the process easier. And one of those gems that can help you with it is Google Analytic. This will help you in keeping a track of all the figures, and programs for you. In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about Google Analytics. A beginner’s guide in which we will cover where you should begin and in what ways will it be proven beneficial for you.

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is another brilliant service by Google. It is a tool that will help you in keeping a track of your website and understanding the interaction with your viewers or users.  This is not limited to just tracking but it also helps in separating the content based on the category. The category goes from the best content which is more engaging and with higher readability. This tool has made it simpler to read and check the data files. 

    How does it function?

    Before you even know what the advantages of using Google Analytics are and why everyone has hyped it ever. You should first know how it works. As with most of the services by Google, Google Analytics is also simple and easy to use. For starters, you have to locate the tag for using the service. After you can place the tag on your website only then you can start with its services. 

    Post this you can receive the data from Google Analytics for your website so that you can proceed with the process. As everything is done related to tags it is now time that Google Analytics starts gathering your info. The gathered info or data is then converted so that they can put it in other types of reports or files. They convert it into metrics and dimensions. If you don’t know what these are then let me explain. Metrics are kind which play with figures and numbers. Any data which is a concern of your website and is taken as numbers are in metric form. For example the timing of your website, the number of visitors, or leads. 

    The other one is a dimension which is the pattern in which the segmentation of metrics is done. The source from where the numbers are gathered are dimensions. For example, landing pages have an average time. Here average time is metric but the landing page is dimension. The same goes for the number of users taken from the source. Here the source is dimension and the number of users is metric. 

    Reasons to select Google Analytics

    Google Analytics has many sources and even many features which makes it a great tool. Especially considering the fact that it is free like most Google services. You can use it for analyzing your page on both basic and advanced levels. You even get to have insight on users, their arrival, and the activity. In today’s world we are all using Google’s tools and having a tool that analyses the function, provides data is a boon.


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