Search engine optimization has many terms and aspects related to it. It is not possible for anyone to remember or take care of all of these aspects single-handedly. There are newbies who don’t even have enough knowledge about search engine optimization and have jumped into the web world. You don’t have to worry about all these aspects as we will be covering all of it for you and your digital marketing strategies so you can do well with your WordPress sites. 

    SEO has many things along with it which should be taken care of and we will be explaining here two of the most important factors. These are crawling and indexing. Not exaggerating but these two are the most important aspects of search engine optimization. These are the matters on which you can say the web world depends on and it is entirely impossible to ignore these two. It is advised to you as well. 

    But if you are someone who knows the least about these two factors or know nothing about it at all then here is the blog which will explain to you all the things related to crawling and indexing. Let’s begin

    Crawling means

    Crawling means when a search engine reaches or finds your website. It visits the website which is understood as crawling. 

    Indexing means

    After crawling indexing comes where the visitor visits your website and then it sees the website where the pages or content is stored. 

    What is Google crawling?

    Google crawling is the oath for Google through which it reaches your website after finding it. It helps them indicate your site to the viewers as well. 

    What is Google indexing?

    Google indexing is backed by both indexing or no indexing. Even if no indexing is done Google can index your site without it. 

    What factors affect crawling?

    There are many facets that are related to crawling. In this section we have enlisted some of those factors which will help you in finding better ways to improve crawling on the search engine:

    Internal linking

    Google or any search engine takes it seriously how many links are posted to your website. Backlinks make your website worthy and significant for Google. It indicates that your website has content that can be appreciated and used by the visitors which helps them to crawl back to your website. 

    Meta tags

    You can also use meta tags for better crawling to your website. It explains How significant it is for your website ranking and Google crawling. 

    Not having original content

    If you are creating duplicate content then this is the time that you stop. Your content should be original and of good quality. 

    Backlinks play an important part too

    Backlinks are always important for a website’s ranking and performance. It can make a new website work well too. The same is the case with Google crawling too. 

    With the help of site mapping

    Site mapping is usually automatically done in WordPress but you should take some extra measures and steps too for making it better. It provides visitors an easier time wandering on your site. 

    Final Verdict

    In this blog, we have covered all the things about crawling and indexing which is required for search engine optimization. These are two of the most significant factors that have the concern of the entire web world. It is not possible to ignore it at any cost. We have also included ways in which you can improve your Google crawling. Do take care of all these points and you are good to go.


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