WordPress websites have a lot for their users. It is a great mode of explaining and pursuing your passion. It is known to everyone how the website is best for bloggers. The monetization of any website is a bit difficult. It is because there are only limited ways of monetizing blog websites. The most popular ways are through affiliate marketing and ads. You can find many bloggers earning a lot through the ads and are able to monetize their websites. 

    The best and most popular way of earning through ads is AdSense. It is known to every kind of website owner or blogger. But the process is a little lengthy and requires a few steps. But with the help of a plugin, you will find this process to be a cakewalk. In this blog we have mentioned some of the best WordPress plugins for AdSense:

    Ads Pro Plugin

    The number one on our recommendation list is Ads Pro Plugin. It is the most excellent choice for managing the WordPress AdSense process. It is easier to locate the ads on the locations that have the highest chance of a conversion. Not only just AdSense, but you can also manage other ads as well with the help of this plugin. 

    Adning WordPress Advertising plugin

    Adning WordPress Advertising plugin is a premium plugin that has plenty of features for the ads. You can manage all kinds of activities related to ads with this plugin. They have the feature in which you can place ads in 18 various locations for understanding the best location for conversion. You won’t even require any kind of third-party plugin. 

    Quick Adsense

    If you own a new website or have a growing business, then you can benefit the most with Quick AdSense. They are considered best for small-scale websites. It is very helpful in earning money for these kinds of websites and businesses. The plugin is especially helpful in adding AdSense in an easy way. 

    Advanced Ads

    If you are looking for a WordPress plugin for AdSense which is user-friendly, then you must check out the Advanced Ads. The usage is so simple that even newbies can handle it. They have a feature in which they can check the AdSense violation on itself. You can use this plugin not only for other ad networking as well. 

    WordPress Ad Widget

    Another user-friendly plugin in this list is WordPress Ad Widget. They are super easy to access. You can use it for various kinds of ads as well. They have features of a drag-and-drop widget. With this drag-and-drop feature, you can locate any ad at the sidebar or on the website page. The dashboard is also so simple that it can be used easily while giving many features. 

    Easy Google Adsense

    Easy Google Adsense is a WordPress plugin for AdSense which is as the name suggests, very easy. It is a wholesome plugin that performs almost all the functions required from an ad plugin. It is specially curated for Google Adsense. No matter which niche is our WordPress website, you can benefit by using this plugin. 


    AdRotate is an inclusive plugin that has everything at one palace. Even after offering so many features, it is very simplified and simple for even the new users. It can work on any kind of platform. It also provides support for various types of ads. With this, you will receive adverts without any limitations. You can also edit the ads which are not performing with this plugin. 

    Final Verdict

    As you have seen in the above blog, the plugin is quite important for AdSense. You will make the process a lot easier by using a plugin. No need to spend a lot of time searching for the best WordPress plugin for AdSense because the ones mentioned above are the most excellent choices and you can pick the one which stands right on your requirements. 


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