Affiliate marketing is one of the prime sources of earnings for bloggers and website owners. They are always in search of good affiliate marketing programs, especially the new ones in the industry. They are now much aware of these kinds of programs usually. The main reason for most bloggers to start their blogging site is to make it a source of income, maybe sooner or later. But when they start they don’t have much idea of where to start.

    But with time it seems harder to make much out of it. If you can find some product or service for which you have the audience then it will help you in generating income out of it. But if you don’t have much idea from where should you start we have listed a few of the best affiliate networks that will help you in getting the first of your sale or income through blogging.

    Why do you need an affiliate network?

    If any of you doubt that subscribing to an affiliate program will not be much beneficial for you then here are some points to validate it:

    With most affiliate programs you can get the benefit of various domains or niches. Many times people think that how are they going to find an affiliate program which will be right for their niche type but you do not need to worry because it offers benefits for all types of bloggers.

    There are issues with the tracking too for the affiliate programs. So if you go for a good affiliate program then you will get the benefit of worrying less about the affiliate earning and its tracking. Some of the bloggers have faced troubles in their earning’s tracking and reporting.

    Following are some of the affiliate networks that you can check out for your program:

    Commission Junction

    For the ones who are confused about an affiliate network’s trustworthiness, they can definitely trust Commission Junction. They have had a good reputation for more than 2 decades. You can join many brands with this affiliate network. Most people have had satisfaction while using this affiliate network for their websites.

    Refersion Marketplace

    If you want to go with an affiliate network that gives you options for many brands with good names, the Refersion marketplace is the choice for you. The search for brands and sign-ups is really easy. You can get the right brands with the help of many filters available. Their interface will reflect all the essential details for you. They might not be the most user-friendly network but they are worth checking out.


    It is one of the oldest ones in the industry and still beating many of its competitors. They are known for selling products and are popular among website owners and bloggers. They are known for merging sellers and affiliate marketers. You will not have to worry about the reporting because they have got it all sorted. Though still having all sorted for reporting their list of affiliate programs might seem short to some of you.


    Inline many of the affiliate marketing programs and networks they are not selling any physical products. Their affiliates have service offerings in various sectors like finance and insurance. Also the new bloggers or websites or owners you can get started with a very minimum payout.


    This is one of the big affiliate programs or networks through which you can get around 13000 various merchants. You can sell a variety of products with them which includes many digital and tangible products. For the ones who have a WordPress site, the good news is that they have a plugin. They even have a variety based on the niche type.

    Based on this list you can choose any of the affiliate networks which suit your needs the best. When making the final decision check the minimum payout based upon your budget limit and the user-friendly interface of the program.


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