Choosing web hosting is an extremely difficult task. When it comes to selecting a web hosting for your WordPress site then it becomes a more critical task because of the availability of various options. 

    Along with many web hosting options people nowadays are also going for cloud hosting. It is an emerging option that is preferred by many users. Due to its many benefits, it has become one of those options which can be chosen anytime now because it gives better performance and speed when compared to any ordinary web hosting. 

    There are many factors that make it more preferable nowadays than many web hosting types. Some of those reasons are speed, performance, and server connectivity. But there are some users who also find it a little extraordinary. No matter what anyone’s point of view is, it reminds me of one of the finest options. 

    But in the pool of options for cloud WordPress hosting it might be difficult for you to choose one. This is why we have enlisted a few of the best options for you. If you are also looking for such great options then you have landed on the right page. let us begin with the research of the best cloud hosting service for WordPress:


    With the name itself, it is clear that you are getting a specialized cloud hosting service. Cloudways is a great WordPress hosting that gives cloud service. Unlike many web hostings, Cloudways does not have its own network. You can pick a network or hosting service from some of the other web hostings. You will not even have to worry about the setup because it will handle it by itself. You will be provided with many tools and features like backup, site staging, and security. If you own a single server then you will find. Cloudways affordable. 


    If you are looking for an option that will not only give you great resources but also scaling then you must consider Siteground. It is popularly known for its basic plans for shared hosting but its cloud hosting as well is very impressive. One of the drawbacks is that cloud hosting is not as affordable as shared hosting plans. When compared to other cloud hosting plans you will find it a little expensive but it also offers great features and high performance.


    Kinsta is a renowned cloud hosting service that has its name established in the industry. It can be said to be affordable when compared to many of its counterparts. With its basic plan, you will get 10 GB of disc space, fast loading, and great uptime. As for freebies, they offer free website migration, SQL, and self-healing PHP. From their 250 GB of SSD storage and versatility in the cost they are offering everything for their users. Many freebie and optimization options you won’t run off from the smooth run.


    Hostgator is a legendary website hosting service known for its high uptime and performance. When these features meet cloud hosting service it becomes a great deal. This web hosting is reliable and its customization options make it preferred among many of its competitors. In its base plan, you will get 120 GB memory, weekly backup, and 1.5 TB of data transfer. Their security services are layered with multiple levels which increases its reliability even more. They provide access to unlimited domains and subdomains for all their users. For the security they also have the backup so you don’t lose any of the content or data from the website. 


    It is known to everyone that for cloud hosting InMotion has become a popular choice. This Linux SSD VPS server is enriched with features. You can be carefree about all the things related to the website because of its free server management. It also protects your website from any kind of downtime. For the ones who are more concerned about the security they will be glad to know that it provides OS security patches and WHM updates. As freebies they offer free cpanel and back-up to make the software more useful. Their hardware clusters are really promising and they are one of the main reasons that websites won’t face downtime. 

    A2 Hosting

    Anyone who is tired of their current web hosting service being slow can be glad because A2 Hosting is one of the fastest web hosting service providers. If you are wondering how fast this is, let me tell you that it loads at least 300 times faster than usual drives. The flexibility and option in the plan is one of the reasons that professionals and beginners both are happy with it. They have customer support which is available round the clock. The name of this group is Guru Crew which is ready to serve the customer at any time. Developers will love using this because it is developer friendly and has high powered features. You can rely on this service and scale its performance. 

    Digital Ocean

    One of the easiest and most user-friendly platforms for cloud based hosting is Digital Ocean. This premium service is everything a user can ask for. A beginner as well as a developer will love to use it. They have flexibility in the plans too. Even for the ones who are confused about the space they need can always add up volume whenever they require. They have a fast lightning network. This is an all SSD cloud which is quite rare which comes with a monitoring option. 

    Final Words

    After reading the entire blog you might have understood or found out which of these options are good for you. Whenever you are making the final decision, always consider your requirements first. It is advised to take into account the pricing factor first if you are new and want to remain under budget. But for established or growing websites you should check the speed, performance, and additional features too. Also, check the freebies because even at entry-level prices you are offered many freebies in web hosting. 


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