Email marketing has always been a great source for marketing for many types of businesses and websites. The usage of email marketing is still relevant no matter what the buzz is around. It is going to be beneficial especially for the ones who are extremely serious about their business. 

    Email marketing makes it easier to promote your current work or launch to your followers or subscribers. This will let them know about your latest work and your everyday struggle to create something new for them. 

    But before you go on finalizing your decision I will advise you to check some of the factors that will help you in getting a better email marketing service:

    It is necessary that your email marketing is easily integrated into other tools and applications as well that your website or business is using. 

    If your email marketing service also shows you the result of the conversion like how many clicked on the email and how many of them are converted into the lead then it is of great use to you and your data. 

    If you are someone who does not know much about the technology then you must check the services which are user-friendly. 

    Many newbies run their business or websites on bidet so for them, the piece of advice is to go for options that are affordable to you. 

    Now let’s check the list of top email marketing services that you can pick from for your email marketing service:

    1. Aweber

    Aweber is a renowned email marketing service that is used by many business owners. There are many features that make the service unique but it does have a few setbacks like automation. You can easily use it from your smartphone to send the Emas which is why it is considered very user-friendly and will be a good choice for ones who are not good with technology. 

    2. MailChimp

    If you are looking for a free email marketing service then go nowhere else than MailChimp. They have very exclusive features which are usually available in paid versions even for free. They have redesigned their interface and added many exceptional features which were not mentioned earlier. 

    3. Constant Contact

    For beginners and small business owners, Constant Contact is a perfect choice. It will help you in creating and editing the mail. You will also get the drag and drop feature with which you can easily create the email. It does not have a free version for its users. But with the free trial, you can get the gist of the software in the period of 30 days. 

    4. Mailerlite

    If you want a simple email marketing service with no additional hush and fuss then go for Mailerlite. It has the required and the most essential features which make the interface simpler. You will get the features that are good for the email marketing service but nothing extra or fancy which is available for its counterparts. 

    5. Get Response

    Unlike earlier which was simple and straightforward, Get Response has more than that to offer in its service. With email building and analytics which are the most essential features of email marketing service it also has auto funnels that help in lead creating and sales then they offer software and responders to increase the level of service. 

    6. ConvertKit

    For the ones who are looking for free email marketing software service, ConvertKit is the best option for them. You will definitely start making more conversions with this email marketing service. The software has many different features which can be impressive and effective for the leads. They even have a system that lets you send text emails which can be more personalized and relevant for the receivers. They even have features for creating attractive campaigns and designs. 

    7. ActiveCampaign

    The ones which want a more aesthetically pleasing email marketing service can check for ActiveCampaign. This might not have a free version like the former one but it sure provides a free trial so you can check it out first and then invest in it. It is not just limited to simple email marketing software. It has more to it when it comes to functionality. It also has ready-made templates for email which will save you time. 

    8. SendinBlue

    SendinBlue is another free software that we have on this list. You won’t only be having the benefit of email services but also texts and dedicated IP too. There are many plans for every kind of user. The drag and drop builder feature makes creating emails way too easy with this software. Even if you don’t want to create your own format of the email you can just use their templates for that. It also gives automation for making customization better. 

    9. Benchmark

    Benchmark is a very simple and basic plugin for every user who is not looking for anything extraordinary in the dashboard. Still, you are guaranteed amazing and attractive emails. The software has a free version which means you can easily try it at any time. Obviously, they don’t have any free trial version. It also has features that can help in forming texts, buttons and links. 

    10. Drip

    The last email marketing software on our list is Drip. This one has a free trial which lasts for 14 days and during this time they can understand the software better and analyze it for further use. You won’t feel the need for any other software with this one. It will provide you with all the features that are available in email marketing software. It also has management features for subscribers as well. 

    To Conclude

    In this blog, we tried to include some of the best and top email marketing services for your business. This will guide you to make a better decision and also consider the factors mentioned at the start while you are deciding on the service. Even if you are a beginner it will help you in finding a good free trial or a free version so you don’t invest your money in unwanted software. 


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