Having a website is not a fairy tale where you can just write or publish about your passion. It is a demanding job that requires consistency and determination. For getting success in the digital world, it is necessary that your website has digital marketing and SEO methods. If your website does not use any methodologies for growth, then it is difficult to achieve success. Especially at this time in 2021, when every other person is hosting a website and trying to gain more traffic and better ranking. 

    If your goal is to drive more traffic and improve your website’s ranking, then you will need the right strategies and tools. With the help of the tools, you will be able to apply all your strategies and accomplish the goal. Though SEO is pretty simple, applying it without the help of an efficient tool can be difficult. Especially for the new ones who are not able to pay for such tools.

    You can find many tools and software that are helpful in driving traffic but are paid. But you do not need to pay because we have enlisted some of the best and free SEO tools in this blog that will help your website to grow, gain traffic, and higher ranking. You can select the right tool which provides the best features for your website and stands right in your requirement. 

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is one of the best tools for SEO. It is evident that every service by Google is brilliant. The same goes for this one. You can use this tool for free and improve your website’s performance and ranking. This tool will help you in finding out which websites are giving you links, about the traffic from the keywords, and the pages which are indexed on your website. 


    SEMrush is the legendary tool that is the best in the SEO field. You can name any service or feature in SEO and SEMrush can provide you with a solution to that. They are famous for their premium services, but they also have a free version or sign the free version you won’t even have to use a credit card.

    Answer the Public

    Answer the public is a tool that works exactly as its name suggests. You can type in something and it will give you answers to that. It also provides you with the questions which are relevant and trending in your niche right now. Apart from this, they also have results of comparisons, reliability, and prepositions too. 


    If you are looking for a tool that can provide you with the best content optimization, then Frase is the perfect answer to that. You can use the tool for checking your content optimization. The tool will compare your content to the top results, which are your biggest competition. Then they will give you suggestions on what your content lacks and how you can improve it. 


    WooRank is another free tool that can help you in checking and audit the SEO of your website. You don’t need much time to check the SEO optimization for your web page when using this tool. You can find broken links and fix them. It also helps with meta tags and interlinking. 

    Final Verdict

    SEO tools are essential for growing any website in 2021. It is impossible to gain higher traffic and a higher range without using any SEO tools. In this blog, the above-mentioned tools are free and are also enriched with brilliant features that can give your websites in your digital marketing strategies a big boost. Even newbies or website owners who are running on a budget can benefit a lot from this list. Check all the tools and select the best one for your requirement.


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