WordPress is the first choice for hosting websites for bloggers and newbies in this field. It is no surprise that it can give so much to this user without having to make much effort. But that does not mean that WordPress does not require extra management and care. You have to take care of many factors when you have a WordPress website

    The best thing a WordPress user can have is the user management plugin. For someone who hasn’t heard about it earlier, here is an explanation: a user management plugin is a tool that helps in managing your WordPress account. This will help in managing the user and other functions of your account. There are many things that are directly related to the user and the number of users just make it more difficult to manage those things. 

    So if you think that your WordPress website has various kinds of blogs and writers then you might end up having a user management plugin. It is not limited to just blogging sites but it will also provide you management if you have more than one website. You can easily manage the registration process for your users too. It is quite helpful in that as well. If you’re also someone who is searching for a tool that provides these features then you have landed on the right page. In this blog we will tell you some of the best user management tools for WordPress:


    If you are looking for a plugin that is free because you don’t want to spend money right away then here is the chase, Members is a free plugin that offers many features for your website. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use this plugin. It is super easy to fix the setting for the restriction and permission for the content. 


    One of the best plugins in the market for user management is MemberPress. Most of the user management plugin provides the management of the user registration for the new ones but in this plugin, you will get good editing and a tracker for the old registered users as well. If you are a tracking site then you can also create online courses on his plugin. 

    WP User manager

    WP User manager is an incredible plugin for user management. In Spite of being a free plugin, it’s enriched with great features. The most significant features are that it provides customization and login form creation. It can also help your team in building a community-based website if that is your ultimate target then without any doubt go for this plugin. 

    User Switching

    With the ane itself, you can get that the highlighting feature and primary function of this plugin are that it is helpful in user switching. It is a free plugin which means it will be an issue for beginners and newcomers who are lacking a budget during the start. If you have various websites due to which you might need to frequently log in and log out well this will make it easier and only with a single click. 

    Simple History

    Simple History is a plugin that has great features which will help you in keeping a track of your user’s history. It will also help you in evaluating the actions of your users so you can easily understand if there is any problem so you can quickly fix it. If your user wants then they can view the history of their activity for 30-60 days. 

    Final Verdict

    In the above blogger have enlisted some of the most excellent options for user management plugins for WordPress. It is highly helpful for multiple site network management and keeping track and management of the registration of your users as well. There are many other benefits as well which is why you must try the plugin for your website.


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