In the era of digitalization, it is not right to leave your social media handles behind. They have become a big part of people’s lives as well as their income stream. This is why it is essential that they have their WordPress social media plugins linked to the WordPress site. This is why it is necessary that you stay ahead of your competition and get all the necessary steps done. 

    It has become more essential because social media is rising day after day at an unmatched pace. So even if you are not someone who would be promoting yourself on social media now is the time, to begin with, that. 

    These plugins will let you integrate your social media to blogging sites and let the viewer and customers use the sharing button through that. This will give them the access to instantly share your website or content with others and will eventually help you in getting more leads. These steps will help you in gaining more traffic to your website. 

    More traffic means a higher ranking on the search engine as well. These simple steps will provide you with benefits. You all might be aware of social media sharing and its benefits which need not be discussed by me now. Let’s focus on which social media you should add. 

    Though it will depend on the platforms that you are active on and which goes right with your niche. It will also depend on the usefulness of social media sites. Let’s now start with the list of WordPress social media Plugins:

    Social Snap

    Social Snap is a social media sharing plugin that has more on its plate than just the basic features. You can place the button for sharing as an icon on its dashboard. And even if you use many social media accounts you need not be worried because it supports around 30 social media plugins. This means that you won’t face any problems with the plugin’s various options.

    Easy Social Share Plugin

    Easy Social Share Plugin is a great premium social media plugin that you can try for multiple sites. It is because its installation is easy and simple even on multiple sites. There are approximately 300000 users or you can day websites using this plugin and they have managed to stay on the top list of its users. 

    Revive Social

    Revive Social is an amazing option of social media plug-in which you can use for creating hashtags and scheduling content. You can also use it for analyzing your traffic, or sharing posts to other social media handles quicker than before. You can also not include some of your content in your social media if you don’t want to. 

    Sassy Social Share

    With Sassy Social Share you get the privilege in which your visitors will be able to share your content. With this plugin your website speed will not be affected, and also backs many different sites with your WordPress site. You won’t have to worry about the customer support and compatibility of this plugin. 

    Social Icons Widget

    Social Icons Widget is a simple and friendly plugin that lets you share your content on social media handles. They give you access to unlimited icons, editors, and social networking sites. They even make customization easy and better. 

    Wrapping Up

    It is necessary that you keep your social media handles updated and integrated into your WordPress sites to get your business growing in less time comparatively. So do consider the above-mentioned social media plugin for your WordPress site and find the best one which stands right on all your requirements.


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