WordPress websites are a crucial asset for any website owner or blogger. It has a lot of data and information that needs to be preserved. Taking into account today’s era where cybercrime has increased it is also necessary that you take care of cyber safety. You need your website data safe and backed up. Even different kinds of faults and bugs can get your data lost. 

    You must take care of the safety of your website and its data. If you want to keep it safe, secure, and backed up then you are on the right page. For backup of your data, you should use WordPress plugins. These will help you in keeping the burden and tension off your shoulder. This will ensure that your data is backed up. Plugins are used by many WordPress owners. Though there are many options for plugins, choosing one from these many options can be daunting for you. So we have got you covered and have mentioned some of the best backup plugins for your website. 

    Why do you need a plugin and points to check

    Back-up plugins are really great. They can make your task a lot easier and simpler. It is not necessary to have a WordPress backup plugin but it will always help. In this section, we have included the reasons and points to check while selecting a WordPress plugin. 

    • WordPress backup plugin help in website back-up. It also helps in regular and automated backups which won’t disturb you unnecessarily. There are many plugins that have an automatic and regular backup for your website. This will make it easier for you because you won’t be worried about it anymore. Even it is sure that you don’t forget and nothing is in harm’s way. 
    • With the WordPress backup plugin, you don’t have to be worried if your data or website content is backed up or not. It also saves and protects the data from any kind of web attacks and keeps it protected in any such scenario. 
    • Many WordPress websites hosting services or plugins provide backup and storage for your online data and content. But if your website crashes then you don’t have a hold on the website or the data. But with a backup plugin, you can save it offline and keep it secure. 
    • All the plugins for backup have really great customer support. This helps in getting any query solved for your website’s backup. Some of the time even with the simplest plugin you can face issues with the backup processor scheduling. That is when you need support. 


    Blogvault is one of the prime choices. It is incredibly fast and lets you have a free staging site. One of the biggest advantages of using this plugin is that it has automatic backup and will save you a lot of time. The backups are also customized. You can have it scheduled and even the migration is simple. They offer single-click data restoration. 


    If you are looking for a plugin that will also offer you free back-up and restores then this is the right choice for you. Updraftplus is profoundly known for the customer support it provides which is amazingly helpful at times of trouble. You also have simple backup and restoration which is a significant feature of this backup plugin. 

    Jetpack backups

    With Jetpack, you get automatic backup and restoration. You will get a regular backup at this backup plugin and the archives that can last for almost 30 days. It also has the free backup version which has many features attached to it. Its dashboard will let you have control over your website. The backup even has flexibility for downloading the files. You can either go for them one by one or select them all at once. 


    For almost a decade the BackupBuddy has been in the business. It has an automatic backup feature for your WordPress website. The simple and easy setup of this plugin makes it even more desirable. You receive optimization and site migration with the plugin. You will face no trouble in installing it or restoring the data through this plugin.  


    The name makes itself clear that BackWPup is a popular WordPress backup plugin. With this plugin, you can easily backup the files of your WordPress site. You will even be able to access the log files of your website. You even get a simpler multisite network. They have storage options in a high variety. 

    Duplicator Pro

    If you are looking for something which is beginner-friendly or user-friendly and won’t cause you much trouble then Duplicator Pro is the option that you should be looking for. It has the reputation of being simple and easy

     The plugin provides e-mail notification, automatic and scheduled backup. They even have restoration features.

    WP Time Capsule

    If you are looking for a plugin to just have the backup for the recent or more current files then WP Time Capsule can be a good option for you. They also have an automatic, scheduled, and incremental backup. They provide staging areas and email notifications to make the process easier. 

    Total Upkeep by BoldGrid

    A robust and powerful plugin is Total Upkeep by BoldGrid. This one has many advanced features which come with automated backups too. Even storing the data and backing it up is a simple job. It is also possible for you to set the schedule for a backup by putting the date, date and time. This can be done as soon as you install the plugin. Even migration is very easy on the plugin. 

    Wrapping Up

    In this blog, we included some of the best options for backup plugins for your website. These plugins will help you in keeping your data safe and secure. You will no longer need to worry about it because the backups are done in these plugins. It is some of the themes ignored by many website owners but a plugin is surely an essential asset to your website. You do not wish to lose your website’s data and information for one wrong decision of not installing it. Find the best one from the list that attends right on your requirement. 


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