For any website or business, it is a good choice to add forums to your website. Some might think that these are not in anymore, but in spite of that, they are still very relevant. It is an incorporated tool for your website. There you can start using the polls and save them from any kind of spam. In this blog, we have included both free and premium plugins for all kinds of users. Let’s start with the guide


    bbPress is one of the most popular and used WordPress forums. It has over 300000 downloads. bbPress is a great plugin which is very basic and simple in its interface. But even after that, its features are very effective. That is their goal to make this process easy. The managers of this plugin are also behind the WordPress core, which says a lot about the quality. 


    Another plugin on our list which is robust and effective, is BuddyPress. It is a forum plugin which goes beyond it. With its features, you can easily make the software on a social network. It is amazing for business websites especially. It is simple to install the plugin and then create profiles. After that, you can also start with posting which is also very quick.

    Asgaros Forum

    Asgaros Forum can help you in adding discussion boards to your website very easily it is a very quick and light forum for WordPress websites which won’t load anything and keep it from slowing down or affecting the performance. It is very easy to use this forum because of the simple interface. 

    Discussion Board

    Discussion Board is a free tool which is used by anyone. It is simple to install this plugin in easy steps and then use it for login and start working. With this forum, you can create and repost. It is a minimal platform with great and useful features. It also has a feature which can help you in limiting the number of reposts of your posts. 

    wpForo Forum

    If you are looking for anything a little more advanced than your usual ones then you should try wpForo Forum. This is a forum enriched with many amazing features. You will get various layouts, simplifications and extensions for the format. The forum has many layouts which are all mobile-friendly. This feature alone is very useful and it is modern too in its style. 


    Simple:Press is a great plugin which takes very little time and has established its name in the market. This new forum can act as a replacement for many of the popular ones because of the features. The forum is very clean to use, nothing complicated about its interface. It is easy to customize the forum for good.

    Sabai Discuss

    At last, we have Sabai Discuss which is a high end designed premium forum plugin. It is a very easy and flexible plugin to use for your website. It is very useful for the support section. You can create group threads with this which will be categorized, enable site search and boring and also provide amazing posts and comments for your website. 

    Final Take

    As we mentioned in the blog, there are many forums to check out from. All the forums mentioned are robust and can be used even by beginners. Either you are an established website who is looking for a premium one or a beginner who wants to go for a free one. In other words, there is something for everyone. It is an excellent choice to add forms for your users. 


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