Few people own their WordPress websites. They sure have a WordPress website, but they don’t have control over the revenue. But the problem is not many people are even trying to get a membership for WordPress. You should have a membership on WordPress for various reasons, like you will own the revenue of your website, and WordPress won’t have control over it. You can also keep a track of the revenue from affiliate marketing and they won’t even enable you suddenly. But if you are wondering how you can get the membership for your WordPress, here is the answer with the help of a membership plugin. In this blog, we have included the best WordPress membership plugin for you. Let’s dig in

    Restrict Content Pro

    When we are discussing the membership plugins, Restrict Content Pro is one of the most excellent plugins for this task. With this plugin, you will be able to make a limitless number of subscription levels. They also have options for various kinds of subscriptions which come in a free subscription, trial subscription and premium subscription. With the premium, you also get the flexibility of work. 


    One of the most popular plugins for membership in WordPress is MemberPress. This provides full support for their users. They have basically all the features which you might need for the membership on WordPress, and some additional ones too. They have a trial period under which you are allowed to create various subscription

    One of its USPs is the easy categorisation into membership as per group and categories. 

    Paid Memberships Pro

    With the name itself, you can understand that Paid Membership Pro is a premium and paid plugin for WordPress membership. There are many things which are great about this plugin but one which highlights its own dedicated WordPress theme. You won’t find it difficult to match because it has its own. They also let you build limitless membership. 

    Paid Member Subscriptions

    If you are looking for a very flexible plugin which is not heavy to use then Paid Member Subscriptions is just the right choice for you. They have both free and premium versions which are going to benefit all kinds of users. Even with the free version, you will get high-quality features. They can also create front end membership registration forms for your website.


    MemberMouse is one of those plugins which is highly enriched in quality features. You will be able to build membership levels and bundles both at this plugin. It is usual for any membership plugin to provide membership level, but bundles are quite unusual to go and they give it to your website. You can put out the restricted content from your website with its help. 

    iThemes Exchange Membership Add-on

    iThemes Exchange Membership Add-on is an add-on and not a stand-alone theme. With this add-on, you can easily create unlimited membership levels. They will let you build free and paid membership levels. It also provides simple and easy switching between levels without any restriction. And after switching, it automatically changes the payment rates. 


    Another popular membership plugin on our list is s2Member. This is a limited plugin which is free but still manages to provide quite a lot of features. With this plugin, you will be able to restrict pages or posts on your website. If you want to separate the custom post types or categories too, it will help you in restricting that as well. They have email templates and a custom welcome login page. 

    Final Take

    There are plenty of plugins on the market for WordPress membership and this privilege lets you check the best ones. All the plugins which we have entered in this blog are excellent but you should check which one seems right for you and our website in all factors like budget, user interface and features. 


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