WordPress is a highly secure platform. You don’t even need to make much effort to keep the security level up for the platform. Even after all these security guarantees, we like to keep our website more secure and make that extra effort for it. 

    For this security, you need the WordPress plugin. These plug-ins help in maintaining the high-level security of your website. Not to mention your website has crucial data and information that needs to be kept protected and backed up. So, now you need to find the best WordPress security plug-in. 

    The task of finding the best WordPress security plug-in can be a bit difficult because of the many options available. This availability shows that it is easy to find the right option as per everyone’s needs. 

    These plug-ins can also be customized as per the requirements of the website owner to suit the essential and basic necessities. You will find different features in many plugins which must be considered while choosing. 

    After finding out some of the best available options you can decide which one to choose among these mentioned WordPress security plug-ins. In this blog, we have included the topmost WordPress plugins for your WordPress site that you might be willing to use. Let’s begin

    1. Malcare security 

    Malcare security is one of the topmost WordPress security when it comes to scanning and removing. It has many tools that will help your WordPress to get more secure. They have both free and premium versions. 

    They have a feature in which you can clear the mess after your site. This action can be completed with just one click. This feature is available in the premium feature. With the plugin, you get firewall protection and malware removal with just one click. You do get free scanning but for malware scanning, you will need to go for a premium. 

    This will be done remotely which saves your site from overloading. They even provide tools that will help you in creating client reports, helpful for developers, and also have white labeling. 

    2. Sucuri Security 

    For anyone searching for a top-notch WordPress security plug-in then you must check out Sucuri Security. They are a popular and renowned WordPress security plug-in. They are known to provide high-class security to your WordPress site. 

    They will offer you firewall protection with a web application. But this feature is available only in the premium version. You can easily perform activity auditing, file monitoring, and malware scanning. 

    3. Jetpack Scan

    For someone who is afraid of their sites being hacked can definitely go for a Jetpack scan. They offer you the feature of performing plugins in the hacked site as well. With this, you will be able to recover your data and files from the hacked website. They provide protection to your site for anything like malware or any other vulnerabilities. 

    This will keep your website under keen observation for any attacks or hacks. Their basic features involve an offsite server, automated daily scanning, and fixes which are possible with just a single click. 

    4. All in one security plug-in and firewall

    All in one security plug-in and firewall is a plugin that has even been downloaded many times to make WordPress security better. You can get most features in this plugin like registration for manual approval, last file change, firewall, system info, and login lockdown. There are some more features that make it a go-to option for many users. 

    5. BulletProof security

    With the name itself, it is clear that the BulletProof security plugin provides high and tight security for your WordPress site. They protect the root of your website by using htaccess. With this function only you will be able to access the dashboard of your website. 

    To conclude 

    The above-mentioned WordPress plugins are some of the most effective and renowned plugins for WordPress sites. You can choose any of them depending on your requirements.


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