Pandemic has changed the way systems used to work in the corporate world. But it has also brought the ultimate wave of digitization when more than ever new websites started. But due to this, the requirement of various plugins for websites has also increased. All the meetings and conferences for the work have been done online. It made the continuation of work easier. But one thing which was necessary for the meetings was the online meeting applications. 

    These applications were simple to use on desktop and mobile phones but to access it on your website you need some plugins. The most popular meeting platform for online meetings was Zoom and the plugins make it easier to launch the meetings, seminars or conferences. If you are wondering which WordPress plugin to choose because there are many options available, then this is the right blog for you. In this blog, we have included the best plugin for your WordPress website. Let’s start:

    Video conferencing with Zoom

    The number one plugin on our list is video conferencing with Zoom. The plugin is a boon for WordPress users. You can use this plugin to directly manage the meeting and attend the meetings through your WordPress website. The meeting will be available on the dashboard of your WordPress website. It can be done just with one click. You can also check the meeting recordings. But this will depend on the zoom account entirely. The best part is that it can be easily integrated with WooCommerce. With this paid version you can start monetizing your meetings too. This will give you the path for earning as well. 


    If you want a plugin that can be used for controlling the meeting from the admin area of your WordPress website, then eRoom is the right plugin for you. You can even use shortcodes for inserting some of the media into the website for a better experience. It also has integration with the zoom API. This makes it a great plugin so you can also limit access to the content of your website page. The plugin is free which makes it a good choice for beginners. But if you want to add WooCommerce then you can go for the premium option which is for $30. This will help in linking the zoom meeting easily. 

    The Events Calendar

    The Events Calendar is the plugin that helps the user in managing and creating the links for your zoom meeting. It can be done by the WordPress dashboard. The plugin is an overall solution for managing the events on your website. You can even sync more than one account from your zoom meeting. You can even remove the zoom link to hide it from the public page. This popular option has the easy addition of a calendar on your website. You can create tickets for events with this plugin. Even disappearing the link format on the public event page is also simple with this. This can be considered a full package for an event management plugin. 


    Every day, your website might need to confirm various appointments. This can be for the clients or for the zoom meeting itself. All these appointments can be easily booked by Amelia. This plugin will help you in managing the display of your event and calendar. This is a responsive plugin which means better communication through SMS. This will also help you in controlling the availability of your website and time. If you have a monetary purpose for the webinar or meeting then it will also provide features so you can charge for it. You can easily manage the customers. 

    Events Manager

    WordPress has many events manager plugins that can provide great features, but one of the best options among those plugins is Events manager. This plugin is the simplest and easiest option for any WordPress user. The plugin also has easy integration with Zoom meetings. Anyone would love the design and build of this plugin. While many plugins are charging for the integration of the zoom, Events Manager offers it for free. It is simple and very basic to control the meetings as well. 


    The service professional will be extremely happy with the features of this plugin. The plugin provides a display of your availability. This means when a client wants to book you they can instantly check the availability and book you immediately without having to wait for the status check. Even after the booking, they will get the confirmation from your website. With this, they will be reminded of the session. You can make as many bookings as you want there are no limitations for that. The clients won’t find any problem in booking the session because it is user-friendly and quick. 


    There are so many constant online meetings and conferences that you may need to schedule. But with Webinarignition you will be relieved because it manages the online meetings and can be the best solution for you and the website. You will get chat support from this plugin to solve your queries instantly. They also have reminders for many text messages and emails you don’t miss out on notifications. This feature enriched plugin has a ready translation for different kinds of users. You can track the conversion of the leads. This will give you an idea about the sales figure. You can have live apes which are ready for any kind of customization. 

    Final Words

    Well, you can find tons of plugins in the market for online meetings and events through zoom to carry out in your WordPress website. But the ones which are included in this blog are the best available. You can check that they have simple functions which make them a perfect option even for beginners. User-friendly options are the first preference for newbies. 

    You can also check their features, which makes the process a lot easier to handle when compared to many other plugins which are available in the market. It is up to you which kind of plugin you choose and what your prior requirements are. Simplicity, features and full-time events all are the basic features that you can check on the plugin before selecting. 


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