Are you looking for a descriptive guide which will show you the steps for creating the Sales Page in WordPress? Then this is the blog for you? Here we have mentioned the process step by step for even beginners to do it like professionals. 

    Steps to follow for building a sales page in WordPress

    In this section, we will give you all the directions that you need for creating a high converting sales landing page for your WordPress website, just like a professional:

    Installing the plugin and activating it for creating the landing page for sales

    Firstly, things first you have to start by installing the plugin on your WordPress website. Then you need to activate the plugin to use it. It is very simple to install a plugin on WordPress. After it is activated, there will be a welcome page visible on the screen by SeedProd. This is visible in the admin area of your WordPress website. Here you will have to add the license key. It is done to complete the verification. This is mentioned in the SeedProd account. Once you are done with the verification, go to the SeedProd and click on the pages. Here you will tap on the Create New Landing Page.

    Pick the template for the sales landing page

    After that page, you will find templates for the landing page, which will be plenty. You can directly access these ready templates for your website in just one step. For this step, just tap on the sales tab where you will see the templates. Pick the best one as per your website and requirement. Just select the one and then tap on that template which will have a button to check. Then you will see the pop-up open on the sales page where you will need to give its name and also type on the URL of the page. At this moment,t you have to specify some details, but this can be changed or customized later on. 

    Sales Landing Page Customization

    Editing the landing page builder is super easy with the drag-and-drop features that you get in SeedProd. You can understand the page which is made for fitness-related websites, but then you can customize it with a click and it will be done. You will be provided with many built-in templates at SeedProd, which can easily help you in changing the design, font and color of the page with just a few buttons. This even lets you add other content to the page and then edit the blocks, which are of two types. In the standard block, you will have the images and headlines and in the advanced you will have the giveaway block, option form, and sales page block too. After making all the edits, you can then save it. Sales page 

    Email Marketing Service

    You can also add the email marketing services to the SeedProd that too in simple and easy steps. By doing this you will get the list of the people or users who are signing in on your sales landing page by the email marketing services. For this, you have to pick the email marketing service and then tap on the button which says Connect new account. Then feed the API key and the name. Then click on the Connect button. 

    Sales page settings

    After doing all the above steps your sales page is created and ready to run now you have to tap on the Page settings which will be on the top. In this, you will see the SEO option and the custom scripts too. Here you will be able to change the draft status to publish. After this tap on the save button. This is your sales page now click on the page URL which will show you the live activity. 


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