WordPress is one of those platforms which has a lot of facilities and features for its users, which makes it a top choice for websites. No matter what kind of task you want to perform, there are plugins and tools for that. The same goes for the WordPress theme as well. The infinite options for themes of various kinds can really make a designer happy. The options for these are endless, and it is sometimes very hectic to pick one out of those wonderful options. 

    But every user suffers from different difficulties. Some want more features and budget options. The ones who are looking for budget options but which are enriched with features might get worried because finding these kinds of options is a little difficult. This is why we have this blog for you. In this blog, we will discuss both free themes and premium themes on WordPress. The argument about free and premium themes is ancient and still is a topic of debate. Some of the users highly recommend going for premium themes, but some suggest that free themes option for budget or new users. No matter what people say, it should be your decision to choose which kind of themes you will choose. Through this guide, you will be able to make a better decision because of the discussion about the differences that free and premium themes have. 

    Free themes

    Free WordPress themes which you obviously know are entirely free. You have to invest almost nothing in buying these themes. You can anytime remove them and switch to premium if you feel any requirements. When you download themes on WordPress and they are free, it is usual that they have to go through a process of directory review. If you are a WordPress user who loves to dig into customization, then the free theme lacks that. They have very few features of customization in them. The limitations of features, support, and speed can be a turnoff for some of its users. Free WordPress themes have updates to make it enter, but they are very few in number, making it less efficient

    Premium theme

    Premium WordPress themes come with different pricing and plans. The prices of the themes are decided based on the quality and features that it provides. It also gets influenced by the popularity of the theme. Unlike free themes, premium themes do not undergo any kind of process for review or the market. When you compare its build quality with free themes, you will find it easier to use and far better than that. The WordPress themes are quicker to load and can make your website father by being light. The theme has great support as well, which helps during the crisis. They have very regular updates for keeping the WordPress website and theme running greatly and keeping up with the technology of the time. Usually, the features are a boon but if it is affecting your speed then it can be a disadvantage as well which is some of the times seen with a few themes. 


    After reading the entire blog you might have got to the conclusion that which kind of these is right for you. The users who are new to WordPress and want to give it some time before they start investing have it clear that they will go for free WordPress themes. The no cost and endless use are the features that attract them the most. But if you do not have any issue with the budget and you can manage to spend a little money on themes then buying it can be a great choice. This will provide you with enhanced features and facilities to use. You can have customization options and many features.


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