There are many options for web hosting platforms. It is difficult to find one. If you are someone who is confused between ghost and WordPress, then this is the right blog for you. In this blog, we will discuss both Ghost and WordPress and compare both the website hosting options so you can make a better decision while selecting between these options. 

    While WordPress is the most popular choice, Ghost has been doing good since being launched in 2013. But there are certain flaws and perks of both the options, so it is good if you know that prior to deciding on which one is more suitable for your website. Let’s start:


    Anyone who is new to the web world and has very little idea about using a web hosting platform for running a website needs to have a hosting service that is easy to use. Both the options are very user-friendly and can be used by newbies as well. You can use the drag-and-drop builder of WordPress and post on Ghost is super easy. It is difficult to say which of the options is the winner in this category. 

    Customer support

    Customer support is one of those factors which is often ignored by most website users. But when your website’s facing any crisis, you will need the guidance of customer support. WordPress has a support team that is available round the clock, available over different mediums. They also have guides, tutorials and a knowledge base which is helpful when you don’t want to join the team. Ghost as well as a support system that has how-to articles and support but it is not as excellent as that of WordPress. 

    Cost of plans

    Starting with the fact that WordPress is a more experienced and popular web hosting service, it is sometimes assumed that it will also be more expensive, but it is not true. You can consider WordPress to be an affordable option and even beginners can go with it. Their plan starts at $7.99. Though Ghost is not that new when compared to WordPress, it is less experienced even after that its price starts at $11. So clearly WordPress is taking away this round. 


    Who does like a web hosting service which lets its users have as much customization as they want? WordPress has around a thousand free themes that its users can use for making their website better. You can change the design and theme without any cost. Ghost, as well as free themes but the thesis limitation, is customization and they only offer 20 free themes which can be a downside for the users who want more customization for their website. Looking at the more options and freedom for customization, WordPress is a winner of this category. 

    Comparison results

    There is no doubt both web hosting platforms are great. They have their own perks and drawbacks. But it is difficult to say that any one of these two website hosting platforms is not worthy. But this blog was intended to help you in finding one option that will be more beneficial for you all. Our pick is clearly WordPress. Its reputation and popularity make it the finest choice. But apart from that, it stands out in most of the departments that we compared. Even after being an experienced platform, it is less expensive. Even customization and ease of use is better at WordPress. These factors make it a clear winner in both of the pions. Further, it will be on you to decide which one you like better.


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