WordPress is not as simple a platform as you can think of. There are a lot of things to think about and do on a daily basis for your website, even if you have successfully launched an SEO friendly website. But with the right guides, you can do all right on your website’s side. WordPress website hosting becomes a lot easier when you have plugins and blogs which direct you about the things you have to do or not do for WordPress. There are a lot of things that our readers asked us about WordPress and in this one we will clear one of those doubts. 

    This blog will explain to you the process to add FAQ schema in WordPress. This is a simple process and won’t require you to have any knowledge. Just follow and you will be good. There are a lot of website owners or newbies who want to know about the FAQ schema process, and this is the blog you need to read. It is a great idea to add an FAQ schema to your website. This is not just a trend or task which everyone is doing just because it is suggested, but the addition of a FAQ schema is really helpful for your website in terms of SEO. it can really bring your website’s ranking and provide better reach to the relevant audience. 

    Frequently asked questions are really high reaching, easy to have, or traffic to your website. This can actually appear straight on google and it will even give you organic traffic and ranking for your website, which will ultimately improve the performance of your website and bring more business for you. Let’s start:

    Here we are discussing the easiest way of adding FAQ schema on your website. The method is done with all in one SEO which is considered amazing for this job. But if you have the free version, then you have to update to the pro version. The steps of adding a FAQ schema starts by installing and activating the AIOSEO. All in one SEO is a simple way and you just have to get to the downside of your website and check the content editor. This step will help you in watching the settings section, which is basically on default. 

    If you need to make any customisation in the current setting, then you must click on the schema tab which is showing on your screen. The next step is to pick the right web page and then insert the page and schema type here. Once you are done with this step, you can move forward to adding other things with the help of the button, which is called add new. All these changes won’t be applied if you don’t save them first. These FAQs are for  Google, so when you want your readers to read them, then you must put them with your content.

    Wrapping Up

    If done right by taking into consideration the guidelines provided by Google, then FAQs can really help your website get better and better with the performance. You don’t have to do a lot of tasks for adding FAQ schema generators to your website. The above-mentioned steps and guidelines are simple and can help you with the process of adding FAQ schema in WordPress. 
    The methods or steps mentioned in this blog are the easiest ones. Even a newbie or an engineer to WordPress or the web world can perform the task without making any mistakes. Faq schema is really impactful for your website and is going to give you amazing results in terms of SEO organic traffic and ranking. It also increases the visibility on Google as frequently asked questions are significant stuff which is shown with the search results.


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