If you are someone who wants to add IndexNow on your WordPress website but have o clue of what this is and how it is to be done then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will discuss all the important points about IndexNow and the process of adding it to the website.

    What is IndexNow?

    IndexNow is an initiative or a ping that is useful for the websites to get better performance of SEO on their website and eventually get a higher ranking. This works in a very simple way. Like when you add a post or page on your website then this will lead the search engine to boost the SEO results for your website. This initiative is by Microsoft. With this initiative, the content and websites will turn up faster on the search engine unlike earlier when for days and weeks the content couldn’t turn up in the search engine results. The index now is a great choice not only for webmasters but also for the SEO experts and the viewers too. 

    Adding IndexNow with AIOSEO

    There is no doubt regarding the AIOSEO‘s performance which has led it to millions of users. It is considered one of the most used plugins for WordPress SEO. It helps in getting better rankings as well. They are also one of the first to have IndexNow support for WordPress. To start this process you will have to start by installing AIOSEO on your WordPress. When it is installed you will then have to activate it to take the process further. You should not miss any step in the process and try to follow the guide thoroughly. 

    If you don’t know already then let me tell you that AIOSEO has both free and premium versions. If you want to just try out this thing then you should consider using the free version. But there are many users who are already using the premium version of AIOSEO. We are also using the premium version to complete this process. The reason behind us using the premium version is that it has IndexNow. This way it will be a lot easier for us.  

    By now you might have already activated the AIOSEO on your website. This is time to reach the feature manager on the dashboard of the website. With this step, you will have enabled the IndexNow feature on the WordPress website. When IndexNow is enabled you won’t have to do much about it because the configuration is done on hay and you can easily use it for your website. You won’t need to perform any activity for that. The ease and simplicity of this process are because AIOSEO has an integration with Microsoft. 

    Hence the beginner-friendly approach is a result of that. Due to this, you don’t have to generate the API key for the IndexNow they do it by themselves only. The configuration will also be done automatically. This process can be completed when you enter the AIOSEO and click on the general settings. Here you have to click on the tab which says webmasters tool. As we already said that much has to be done by you here. Everything will be taken care of. 

    Well, it has been true again because as soon as you click on the tab you will see that the API key for the website has already been configured. AIOSEO is one of the most effective and easy plugins for SEO which you can use for various purposes like link assistant or for making the ranking and performance through SEO higher. 


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