The design of your website is not everything, but it is the first thing that visitors notice. You cannot take it for granted. It helps in making your website more appealing to your visitors and making them return to your website. There are many factors that make your website aesthetically attractive, and fonts are one of those things. You might be wondering that fonts are not even that important, but trust me, they play an important role in making your website wholesome when it comes to displaying. 

    If you don’t pay attention to the front of your website, then it will not match the niche you are writing about and will create the vibe. Fonts are also necessary to make your website more eye-pleasing because some of the fonts are never easy to read, which can make a visitor jump out of your website. Whatever the reason could be, fonts are definitely significant for your website. But if you’re someone who isn’t really into website design, then this is the right blog for you. In this blog, we will discuss the easy method to change the font of your website. 

    • The first method that we are discussing in this blog is very easy. You have to start by checking the fonts and themes which are already available on your website. When you start a website, you usually find a default way or theme in which your website is set up but most of the users and webmasters do not like the default way. This is why they switch to the options which are available on the WordPress website. If you are using the fee designs, font, and themes, then it is time that you use the premium ones. The premium design and themes have more options and can be really amazing if you check them for yourself. By using a plugin you will be able to access the fonts by Google too i.e. WP Google Fonts. You can change the themes on your WordPress website by the customer’s options, which is a simple way. The other way to do this is by the admin panel.
    • Now, if you have checked the available options for themes and fonts and you are still unsatisfied, then comes the option in which you will need a plugin. You can easily find plugins that are dedicated to fonts. It is not a technical thing but a little information about coding will come in handy. After finding the right plugin you should install it on your WordPress website. After the installation, it is necessary to successfully activate it for better performance. 

    To Conclude

    Nothing can beat a website that not only provides great content but has a design and aesthetic which is pleasant to the eyes. The font of your website plays an important role in creating an aesthetically right website. The font style and design should match the niche of your website. This makes the visitors stick to your website for longer and also revisit. You should change the font as per the website requirement. Changing the font is not the easiest task for a webmaster. They have to take care of a lot of things which is a lengthy process. But if you follow the above-given methods then you can easily complete the process. Changing fonts is not as easy as it might seem but by applying the right process you can get a good hold over it and complete it quicker and with better results too. If you are using any tool or plugin then make a good selection by doing complete research about the best options available.


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