WordPress is an amazing platform that can really be easy and simple for any user. Joomla is a good platform but it cannot beat WordPress and the features it provides for the users. If you are someone who is willing to move their website from Joomla to WordPress, then this is the right blog for you. In this blog, we will explain all the necessary steps that you have to follow to migrate your website from Joomla to WordPress. 

    The first step for moving your website from Joomla to WordPress is enabling the migration through a plugin. It is because WordPress does not have the right backup which can receive any kind of support from Joomla for the transportation of the website. You can either opt for the free version of Joomla or go for the premium one. It is entirely your choice. It is also necessary that before you enrol for any version; you check the current version of FG Joomla. This is necessary to finish a migration successfully without any issues. 

    For installing the WordPress plugin, you will have to go to the dashboard of your WordPress, which will navigate you to the plugin section. Then check to add a new option. This will show you a box on which you have to type the FG Joomla to WordPress. When you have typed the line on the search bar, go to the option of install now after which you have to activate a FG Joomla to WordPress plugin. It is simple to install this with a few steps only, but make sure you don’t close the tabs while doing it. 

    The next step is finding the database parameters. You should start by locating it because it is necessary. It is impossible to allow CMS to work without the database. This will interrupt the process of migrating the website from Joomla to WordPress. You can even log in to the Joomla database if you want to check more details. Otherwise, you can just tap on the system bar and go to the topmost menu. Here you have to choose the global configuration which will take you to the server tab. You will find on one side database settings. You should check the main details on the screen about the database. Do not forget to keep the tab open while you continue the process and copy-paste the important details. 

    Once you are done with the basic steps, it is now time that you migrate the content from Joomla to the WordPress website. For this, you have to get back to the WordPress dashboard. Here you will see the tab for migration but first navigate to the tools and then click on import. Go to the tools section, then you will see import and then choose the tab for the run importer. When you have done these steps, you will see the section for migration and you can check the configuration. You can either choose if you want to delete the content or restart it as a new website. If you want to delete, then go to the empty WordPress content tab. 
    Post the previous step, it is time that you fix the internal links of your website. For this step, you have to go to the tools section on your WordPress dashboard. Then go to the import section on which you have to click on the run importer, which is right down the Joomla. When you have completed the migration, you should modify the internal links with the same bar. It is necessary when you perform the steps, then later check it too for the URLs.


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