Creating a WordPress website is not easy. You have to take care of many things, one of which is the Robots.txt file. For better indexing and crawling you need the file. But if you are wondering how you will create it then this is the right blog for you. Below we have explained the entire process of creating, checking, and optimizing. Let’s begin:

    After understanding everything about WordPress. Robots txt file we can now officially move to create one. It is not a big deal to create a robot txt file. Someone with the least knowledge will also be able to create it because it is not a professional’s job. You don’t need any expertise for performing the task. In this section, we will be teaching the steps to create a robots txt file. 

    To be precise there are exactly 2 processes in which you can create the Robots txt file for your WordPress site. Like many other processes in WordPress, you can create it by installing a plugin for this process. This would be simple: you just have to start by activating it and function. We will discuss it in detail in the following paragraph. The other one is manual. In this process, you will have to upload the files manually on the WordPress site without any plugins. Let’s learn in detail about the process of creating a Robots txt file without wasting any further time. 

    Creating a Robots.txt file with the help of a plugin

    As mentioned above the first way for cheating a robots txt file will be with WordPress plugins which are designed for this function. You can easily select a plugin from the pool of options that are available in the industry for a WordPress plugin. It is also considered an easier way of creating a file and uploading it. 

    First of all, you will have to install the plugin on your WordPress website. You will do this by going to the Plugins section. Then tap on the add new tab. You can search the plugin if you don’t have it already downloaded. 

    After downloading and installing you shall start creating it. For this, you will have to go to the SEO section. Then you will have to reach the tools of SEO and click on the file editor. This will take you forward in the process. If you have not created a file before then you have to tap on the Robots.txt file. After this, the file will be created with some kind of default directive. You can create or add more to it. Post creating the other directives you shall save them all.

    When you are done with creating new directives and saving them you can check if the process has worked that you can perform by searching your domain name with the file. If you find this after searching then it means the process is successful. For more ease and convenience it is advised to add the sitemap URL too to the link txt. 

    Creating a Robots.txt file manually

    For creating the robots txt file manually you will have to do it on your computer and then the file will be uploaded. For this, you will also need the hosting options and their details to get access to WordPress. with your FTP client, you can check the robots txt file. If the file is not where you can form one with a simple notepad or any other kind of editor. If it already exists then find it and right-click on it. Then edit the file and save it. You can also check if the file is uploaded successfully or not for confirmation. 

    Optimization of the Robots txt file

    Once you have created the txt file you will now need to optimize it. For that, you can use any software or tool. If you find the tool then you will have to link your text file with the tool. Then you can search for the rots setting. Then you can make the required searches in the box and fix it all. 

    Final Words

    As I mentioned above it is not a big deal to create the Robots.txt file. It can be done by a newbie too. You just have to follow the instructions. After successfully saving it you can also check the process completion. Keeping it optimized will help in better performance.


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