Instagram has become a top social media platform with billions of users. Every day Instagram is gaining a number of users and even helping many people in making money out of it. There are businesses and professions that many people are running on Instagram. 

    The application which started out as just a photo-sharing app has become one of the prime ways of earning, promotion and marketing. When the entire human breed is facing the high hit of pandemic Instagram has brought new ways of keeping us engaged and even helping in making new ways of approach. 

    These new updates help influencers and businesses to keep up with the pace of digitalization. After the new addition of reels, Instagram has become more entertaining and approachable for both viewers and creators. 

    Translation of story texts

    To increase global exposure and reach Instagram has introduced this new feature wherein you can understand the story which has texts in other languages as well. This feature is available in 90 languages. This means globalization is being effective on Instagram. It will help you in reaching and engaging with your followers who are not the same language speaker as you are. 

    This update will translate the text which is highlighted in the story into your regional language for better understanding and relatability. 

    Data tracker

    Earlier some of the business profiles used to use some other tools and applications for tracking the user data of their profile. But not anymore. Instagram has introduced its own tracker which will keep a record of around 30-60 days of your business profile. 

    They are planning to increase it to 90 as well which will be a lot more beneficial to check the changes and effects of the strategy and plans that you have applied for expanding your profile and follow base. You can find this in the calendar tool. The insights of Instagram will help you in tracking these results. 

    More reach to black-owned business

    In the past some time the world faces a critical period of pandemics, as well as black discrimination, acts too. This made the whole world think about the issue seriously. Instagram has taken the initiative of itself for this race. 

    The feature was introduced in the month of June which will make the business owned by black people easily discoverable. This can be done easily from your Instagram profile by editing the profile and adding black-owned businesses in the business diversity. 

    More to reels

    Reels in itself is a big addition to Instagram and adding more features to it will only make your business more discoverable. Just recently we saw the remix and now Instagram has also released the feature of collaborating with the other user for the Instagram reels. 

    More people during live

    Now with the latest feature 4 people can go live on the screen. This is helpful for influence and businesses to collaborate with their models or peers to find better exposure. 

    How are these updates helpful?

    I know some of you might be wondering why these updates of Instagram are important. Well, there are many professions and businesses on Instagram that are the livelihood and passion of people. To stay ahead of your competition and to keep up with the changes it is necessary that you keep a track of these updates and use it on your profile and content to increase engagement and exposure. 

    Final words

    Keep up with these updates and you can see your business thriving. It will highly affect your profile and increase the density of your approach and reach. Instagram keeps on changing its algorithm so you must keep changing your strategy according to that. Always stay updated with these methodologies.


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