WordPress is used by many people for their business or online website. It is the go-to website for bloggers especially. Considering all its amazing features and services that help bloggers establish a great website at lower costs. There are many features that make many users stick to it. But there are a few setbacks of WordPress as well. 

    The first and the primary one is the WordPress search plugin. WordPress does not have the perfect WordPress search function. With this default function, you cannot make the most effective search for your WordPress. The reason behind this defect is that the search algorithm of WordPress is not that strong. 

    With their functionality, you won’t be able to search for your content and neither does it provide the right results for creating content. And especially with the sites which have high traffic for them the search engine of WordPress can cause issues that will lead to low performance. But you need not be worried about the problem because we have got you backed with the best WordPress search plugins. 

    With these plug-ins, you will be able to search the content easily and more effectively. With these plugins, you can search for more content and keep up with the algorithm of WordPress as well. This will get you a better interface and also the advice to pick the right one. Even by doing a lot of functions on your site, it can get overloaded so you can offload it by taking the search to another server. So here are some of the best WordPress search plugins that will help you in getting the search content better and also get some new features through it. Let’s begin

    Ajax Search Pro

    It is clear with the name itself that the search engine is a pro in the field and will do the live search for the WordPress content. It will work fast and will give quick results whenever a visitor is looking for content. This will not make the page reload or will not take extra time for which the visitor will be waiting for the result. They even provide templates so the search results are attractive to look at. In this feature, you can also post images of the content. Their main highlights are customization, generating search index, and amazing integration with many pages and tools. 

    Search WP

    If you are looking for the best WordPress search plugin then you need to go nowhere else and use this multi-featured plugin. One of the drawbacks of this plugin or we can say the only drawback is the paid plan. You cannot use it for free. You can do customization, easy downloads, search analytics, and many more. 


    Relevanssi is one of the best plugins for WordPress search. You can use it for user profiles, comments, and customization of the posts and fields. They also provide features to get better in the search algorithm of WordPress. It also allows you to categorize the results in chronological order and insert Google style. 

    Ivory Search

    Ivory Search is another great WordPress plugin that lets its users get the file attachments, posts as per customization, and all these features are available in the free version. You can get the paid version as well which has additional features to help you get more benefits out of it. 


    ElasticPress is a company that is founded by ElasticSearch only. You would be surprised that unlike the usual search plugin it won’t work on the WordPress site. But it runs on the cloud and it will also display the result of the searches the lighting speed. It is also a plus that the plugin is very user-friendly. Vene if you are a beginner it will be a cakewalk for you to function. They also have simple integration so you can sync with any WordPress site or hosting.

    WP Google Search

    WP Google Search is an incredible tool in this list. This is somewhat similar to the default plugin which is used by WordPress for the basic search and Google custom searches too. The plugin is very beginner-friendly and simple to use. For using it you simply have to make an id on Google custom search and then feed it to the settings of the plugin. It also has a widget that makes the results of Google’s custom search easier. It can also be done with the shortcode to see the result. The plugin is free. 

    SearchWP Ajax Live

    As we have already discussed SearchWP in a previous point. In this section, we are talking about its addon. SearchWP Ajax Live might be an add-on of SearchWP but it is still effective. It can be synced or integrated with any WordPress search. It will also help in providing better and more enhanced WordPress search. You don’t even have to worry about the customization. It is simple and flexible. It can provide you with many features for customization if you are an advanced user. 

    To Conclude

    After reading through the entire blog you might have found the best plugin that stands right for your requirement. There might be doubts and confusion about the various plugins that you require. It is difficult to find one option that goes right for all the plugins. So you can make a list of your requirements and find out whichever fulfills the most of your requirements. 

    There are options in paid and free plugins as well. You should only go for the premium version if you have the budget to do so. The free versions are also solid options and are worth it so don’t doubt it as inferior in features and qualities.


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