Any website owner cannot sit in silence for long. They have many things that they have to achieve in day-to-day life which makes their life hard. Websites and search engines are already demands so much out of a person that it is nearly impossible to have a successful site through the start. Every day, you will have to achieve a new milestone. But that is not it. With the ever-changing algorithm by search engines, the other thing which is as important as the payment gateway. 

    Payment gateways are so important for websites. It makes the payment and transaction for your customers easier than it was earlier. Especially for the woocommerce websites. But there are many obstacles that are faced if you don’t have the right plugin for your websites. The most famous one is the Square payment gateway. Though the plugin is not especially curated for WordPress, it does provide a WordPress venison that will help the sites. If you are also someone who is facing difficulties in choosing the right plugins in thinking about Square gateway and want to know the right way of integrating it to your WordPress website, then this is the blog for you. 

    Steps to set up the Square payment gateway to the WordPress website:

    Below are the steps that you have to follow for integrating the Square payment gateway to the WordPress:

    • The first step is to enter the WordPress dashboard. Then you will have to go to the plugins section where you have to click on add new section. 
    • After that, you will find a search icon on which you will have to search for the WP Easy Pay. For this tutorial, we are using WP Easy Pay. Then you have to click on the install now tab followed by the activation of this plugin. 
    • When you are done with the above step, you will see a dialogue flash on your screen on which they will ask for permission and continue and you have to hit on that to continue. 
    • Once you have done the entire process step by step, the WP Easy Pay will send you an email. This will be a confirmation mail about the integration and installation of the plugin on your WordPress website. Then you should hit the activate button for the activation of the process.
    • Then comes the part where you have to configure the plugin. For this step, you have to reach the WordPress dashboard’s WPEP settings. In this section, you can insert the details of the payment. 
    • After doing the configuration comes the button settings. You can select the fixed payment option for your process at this step. It varies in the free and paid plan. 

    Final Verdict

    Integrating Square payment gateway is a great step for your website. You can easily get the payment without the hassle. Even if you are a beginner and not ready to invest any kind of amount in getting the plugin and the integration then you can enjoy the free version of this penguin. But if you are willing to pay more and enjoy the advanced features offered by the premium version then you can go ahead and upgrade to it. 

    No matter what your rhyme or reason is you shall give this penguin a try because it is very effective and beneficial. The process of integration is also super simple. We have mentioned all the essential steps for the integration one by one. So you won’t have to worry about obstacles during the process. Even a newbie can do the integration if they follow the process rightly. 


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