Most bloggers or website owners have the biggest problem or task which is ranking their website. They need organic traffic by working on their on-site and on-page. Many big websites are gaining traffic in organic ways only. This makes the site ranking easier and better. 

    The main and simple way to do it is by providing good content which is engaging as well as informative. This makes visitors get back to the site more often. You can also use many ways of technical SEO too to get your site rank and gain more traffic. 

    Apart from these SEO techniques, there are other ways as well to get these results of organic traffic and better SEO games. The factor apart from the above mentioned is Internal Linking. It is one of the effective techniques but is ignored by many users. 

    Even big and influential website owners or bloggers tend to avoid this technique. This makes the others like newbies or beginners avoid this factor as well. It is an inexpensive and efficient way to get your web page to rank higher. 

    Internal Linking for SEO

    Putting links to a blog or site which is of the same niche or domain of your blog or site is internal linking. These Internal links will tell Google that the page is worthy of recognition and link insertion for the same topic. It has relevance with the same topic and head and will be beneficial for the audience to have a look at this as well for better knowledge. 

    This will be helpful when other websites are putting your blog or content link on their page or site which is even more beneficial than putting your page’s or blog’s link to your content itself. If you do this with your own blogs or pages then it will work in the following way. You have content that is already ranking high in the search engines. 

    Now you put the link of your other content on that page and it will navigate your users or readers to that page. You will have to start connecting all the blogs on your site. Then only you can start with the process. This process or method helps in bringing up the other content or blogs of your site in the higher-ranking position. 

    Adding Internal Links in WordPress 

    Many big websites have hundreds of articles and blogs published on their website. But many times when these big websites are working they have some new writers working for them as well. The editors sometimes do not have the time to check the internal linking. This makes it difficult for other articles to rank. You can seek many chances to add internal links to your content. 

    You can buy some tool or application which will make the work easier for you. For starting with it you will have to install it first. After installation, you can link within your posts. Once done with the initial step go to the links report and then it will give you recommendations of the blogs and articles that you can add to the existing blog’s anchor. After clicking on the articles you can automatically. 

    You can add the internal links manually as well. This is done in WordPress when you are creating your blog post. The option is available for inserting links or you can also use CMD+K on Macs and CTRL +K on PCs. Find the post for which you want to add the link, select the post, and then tap on that link. This is how it is done. 

    Just by using these above steps, you can easily add internal links to your website or blog posts. So start now with this process. 


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