Starting a new website is not a simple task. You have to consider many things. Some people think that content creation or article writing are basic tasks and there is not much about creating or running a website. But the ones who own it know the truth. There is a lot more than just creating bloggers. There is marketing, SEO, research, and promotion. But the initial work starts at creating a website. It is a dilemma about which kind of WordPress web hosting we should choose. It entirely depends on the requirement and type of your website. The size of working or the traffic you will be attracting to your website is very important while finalizing this decision. 

    There are various kinds of WordPress web hosting types and servers. This variety in options sometimes makes decision-making even more difficult. Most starters and newcomers go for shared hosting because of the low cost, but cannot be as simple as that. You have to take into account many other factors too. The traffic and the type of website will be the factors that will need evaluation. In this blog we will help you decide between shared and managed web hosting:

    Shared Hosting Working Process

    Shared hosting is the type of web hosting in which the owner shares the server with other websites. You cannot have a dedicated server all to yourself or can say to the website. Shared hosting is considered the most basic and initial level of web hosting. It is mostly selected by beginners or newcomers. They do not have much traffic which can be managed during the start. 

    Why Should You Choose Shared Hosting?

    Shared hosting has many features. There are many reasons which this could be your primary choice. First of all, the cost of the web hosting plans is extremely less as they have a shared server and not a dedicated server. It can benefit beginners a lot because of the low cost. This comes into their budget too. 

    Managed Hosting’s Working Process

    Managed web hosting is the type of web hosting service in which you get a dedicated server for your website. Unlike in shared hosting, you will not have to share it with any of the websites. The managed server can also prude shared hosting. This is a type of server which is managed by the hosting company. The shared hosting under a managed server gives you plenty of benefits and low cost too. You will get the benefits of having a managed website with a better server speed. 

    Why Should You Choose Managed Hosting?

    Managed hosting has many benefits and reasons for which you should choose it over shared hosting. First, you can enjoy shared hosting with better features and experiences. Your server will not have too many websites. You can still save on the hosting plans. Managed hosting can be proved to have higher speed and performance than ordinary shared hosting. If you have a larger scale website or higher traffic website, then you should definitely go for managed web hosting. 

    Final Verdict

    Shared hosting and managed hosting are both great options, it is difficult to say which one is better because of individual requirements. You can find a shared hosting server in the damaged hosting too, but it is difficult to find vice versa. In this blog, we explained both the web hosting types and their features. You can decide with the help of this blog. You can also finalize the pros and cons mentioned in this guide. Make the decision and choose the one which stands right on your requirements.


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