Tools and software have made our life easier. The management and scheduling have become handy for regular people. Even students sign many tools for keeping a track of their schedule and managing their assignments. The same goes for legal firms which deal in even more critical kinds of business. 

    There are many tools that are specifically curated for legal firms to maintain and manage their day-to-day tasks in an easier way so they can focus on more important aspects of their profession. Let’s check out the best ones in this blog:


    CaseFox is legal billing software that has helped many newbies and professionals in managing their accounts of the law firm. The software is free of cost, which means definitely preferred by beginners who do not dare to go for a high budget during the start of their firm. Among many other features that their software offers, the most significant ones are management of clients, documentation and the cases that legal firms have. It is specially created for timekeeping, accounting and legal billing solutions

    HelloSign And HelloFax

    Legal cases involve signing documents and sending those digital copies. It is a never-ending task that generates every day. To make it easier and avoid using any physical paper, you can now use HelloSign and HelloFax. It’s a simple tool that makes itself very clearly in front of the name only. You can ditch orthodox faxing and use it via mail and make the process quicker and easier. The digital attachment of a sign is also easy, which can be used by newbies as well.


    MatterSuite is a complete matter management software that is helping legal firms in better processing. Their features are endless and very comforting for the attorney. When it comes to management, it provides litigation, evidence, eDiscovery, task, cause of action, contact, document management and more, which is the priority of any law firm. It also has a search library and legal calendaring for making it even better.


    Gone are the days when people used to create a pile of documents and notes. It brings up the task and headache for the attorneys. You can easily and securely save all the notes and documents in Evernote. Even searching for the notes and papers won’t be as difficult as earlier when you had to check the entire pile of papers. Now you can specifically check every note. You can even use it on your phone, which makes it even more accessible.


    Legal firm involves many tasks at every level. But it gets difficult to manage. Most of the team when you have a team the communication and coordination. That is when Asana comes in. It is a great teamwork legal software helping its users in organizing the tasks. It will help you in managing the deadline and due dates for your cases. It also provides category and grouping methods that will simplify the process and diminish all the confusion among the team. 

    Final Thoughts

    Legal firms already have so many tasks to handle. Brooding them with organization and documentation is not the right choice. It’s very much advised to go for software which provides you help in admitting these levels of different types of tasks you can spare time in keeping communication with your clients and updated with your cases. 

    With technology, there are many varieties of software, too. You can find free and paid software and tools as per your preference. If you want to go to specific tools, then we have mentioned a few which specialise in certain tasks. Others help with overall management and legal billing. No matter big or small, solo or team, you will always benefit and save time and energy by using tools designed for lawyers. 


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