The translation is needed for every website at some point in time. Here we are discussing the simplest way of translating with the help of Weglot

    Step 1. First things first, you have to start by installing the plugin for WordPress. For this, you will have to add the Weglot plugin from the directory. For this, you have to reach the admin area then go to the plugins and click on the add new plugin section, which you will see in the navigation bar. There search the word Weglot and you will get the result as Install Now and then you can tap on it.

    After installing, activate the plugin. Then reach the settings section and tap on the Weglot. On the navigation bar, you will also find the Login link with which you can create the account. Then you will be provided with the API key. Here you have to type in the email and then form a password for that. Then they will send the confirmation message that your account and the API key are validated now. 

    Step 2. For the next step, you have to reach the WordPress admin, where you will see the settings of the Weglot Translate plugin. Here you have to copy-paste the entire API key on the section you will find on the below box in your Weglot account. Then pick the right language of your website which is originally being used, but after that, you should select the one which you want on the website. This is available in the destination language section. 

    Then tap on the Save button to make sure your website is live. With it, you will get the layer of machine translation which can help you in selecting the edit and translation quality on your website manually. Then on your website, you will see that there is a language switcher which is already on it. This option will come with many editing and localization options. Make sure to save these changes as well. You will also get additional features like not including translation methods on some particular pages and even blocks. No translations for URLs and glossary rules are also necessary. You will also be able to check the language of the visitors from the browsing history. 

    Sep 3. We just mentioned that with Weglot you will get the first layer for the machine translation. This gives you access and control over the team members’ addition, editing, or even the in-house translation. With this, you can also manage who can do these additions and editing for only improving the current one. Otherwise, you can leave it like that. There are also many professional agencies that provide a professional translation which you can use for the plugged-in Weglot. 

    For the management of the entire translation part, you can also take the help of Weglot tools which are specialized in editing. This is available on the local dashboard of the website. With this, you get two options: you can either do it visually or you can even do it by getting it through with the list of all the translations. For visual editing, you need to check the live preview of the website and then get the right context and design for that. Just go to the visual editor view and tap on the blue pencil, which is visible right there. Then type in or make the changes that you need in this and then save it by tapping on the OK button. These changes are saved and you can also check that in real-time too. 

    Forgoing through the translation list, you have to check the original content and then check the left side and for the language, selection checks the right side. You will see a search bar there, apply the filter and switch the quality and status of the language. You will get the order summary there.


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