For a designer or website, creator fonts are really important. Some might not give much emphasis to the fonts of their website, but it surely is necessary. There are a variety of don’ts available that you can use for your website. If you are working for some time on the website, you might know web-safe fonts. It may sound simple, but it is a significant element of your website because it will lead to a successful website and design. It is difficult to use the typeface on the website, but web safe fonts make it simple. These easy fonts will be quickly integrated and incorporated into your website faster and in an easier way than you think. They have a surety of good branding for your website as well as many additional benefits for the website. This includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and user experience. If you are looking for some font ideas for your website, then this is the right blog for you. Here we have enlisted the best and most web-safe fonts.¬†


    The basic and standard font which we have always seen and used is Arial. Some designers or creators might think that this is a little very subtle or obvious to use. But for use it is classic. It is definitely established that the Arial font is used by many people and it is tested to be very effective when it comes to web-safe fonts. It is dependable at any time and can be used by any kind of niche, too. You can use it as a fallback typeface too. 

    Times New Roman

    For the ones who think that classic and standard are good and can work with you all the time. But if you still want to add a little serif into your style, then Times New Roman can be the perfect choice for you. There are different opinions about this font, like some designers do not think it has a great character or personality for the website, but when it comes to safe fonts, it works great. You won’t be worried about the viewability at all. 


    If you are looking for something which is classic but not Arial, the Helvetica is the way to go. This sans serif font doesn’t have much personality in a positive way. It means this is a great choice for official choice or documentation. Even when you are creating content of no-frills and are also easy to read, then as well, it can be useful. 


    Another don’t on our list which is a san serif font and a basic choice for many designers and creators is Calibri. This one has stayed a classic for a long time. It is also used by Microsoft as a default font which establishes the facts of its usability. It can be used by many websites like business sites or eCommerce stores too. This simple and unassuming can draw the focus to your service or product on the website. 

    Final Words

    Finding the right font for your website can be a bit tricky. There are definitely a lot of choices to decide from, but these choices are also confusing. Some say that a lot of fonts look similar. It is difficult to even find the right choices as per the type of your website and niche. You can like the font and think it is appropriate as per the design and niche, but later you might find that they are not web-safe fonts and cause trouble in viewability and readability too. The above options are all web safe fonts which guarantee you the right viewability and tried and tested results.


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