WordPress websites are the starters for most bloggers. They spend a lot of energy and hard work to make it happen. For blogging, most experts and professionals suggest starting with WordPress. But did you know that WordPress has 2 versions of it? These versions are similar in terms of being a WordPress site but they have certain uncommon factors which make people choose between them. 

    Both the setups have either free and premium versions and you can select the ones which fit your current requirement. These two version’s basic services or features are similar but their features and facilities are different in some aspects. With a big name, it is sometimes difficult for many users to pick one for their business or website. 

    This delays their decision. It is not right to start the journey without knowing much about the websites. In this blog, we will explain to you everything in detail so you can make your final decision which will benefit your website or business. 


    WordPress.com is a famous version of WordPress which has many features and aspects that makes it a good choice for many users. In this section we will check out the pros and cons of WordPress.com:


    Let’s find out what are the reasons that will get you To go for WordPress.com:

    No need to buy hosting

    Yes, you heard it right. Many times even if you are hosting your site on WordPress you need to buy the other web hosting. But not with WordPress.com. They have everything under their control and you would not need to worry about it. 


    If you are just starting out and do not intend to spend much on your website then don’t. They have a free version as well. 


    It is a very low maintenance version so you won’t have to get your hands dirty for set-up. 


    After the pros let’s find out the cons:

    Limitations in the free plan

    Their free plan has many limitations which restrict its users like you can use any other plugins or themes without paying extra. 

    Little difficulties in customization

    They have less customization because of restrictions. 


    WordPress.org is a more popular one and let’s check its features, pros, and cons:


    Following are the pros of WordPress.org:

    Easy installation

    The installation of WordPress and other applications is super easy at WordPress.org. Even a newbie can do it with simple steps. 


    Unlike wordpr.com you have better options and freedom of customization. You can use among many themes and plugins for your website and make a new set-up. 


    Many bloggers make a good amount of money with their WordPress.org website. You can also start from the start. 

    To Conclude

    WordPress is a known site that is used by thousands and lakhs of people. But they don’t know the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Here you learn everything about both these types and you can make your decision based on that. It is difficult to say which one is better and which one is inferior because both of them have their own set of pros and cons. 

    Anyone who prioritizes customization should go for WordPress.org but if you want everything ready and do not want to do much for your website then feel free to sign up for WordPress.com. for monetization purposes WordPress.org is seen as a better opportunity. Not to mention it also has many features that come in handy even in the free plan.


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