Every website is trying to be high on the engagement sector because it is one thing that can help you in getting better results. No matter how many new customers you are approaching or they are reaching you. If you cannot make them stay at your website or engage with you, then it will all go to waste. Customer relationships have always been the essential factor for better growth and business. 

    Even if you compare it with traditional marketing as well. It was needed to get better results. There were different ways applied to the marketing techniques which made it successful at that time, but during the digital era, customer relationships have become even more essential. One of the ways in which you can increase customer relationships easily is by getting the CRM plugins for your WordPress website. If you are wondering which plugin you should pick, then you don’t have to worry about it because we have mentioned one of the best options in this blog:


    HubSpot is the topmost plugin for you in this blog. It is known for being one of the most influential plugins, mostly because of the marketing tools that it uses, which makes it an excellent option. The best thing about it is that the plugin for CRM is totally free. The owners of WordPress websites can easily sync with this plugin. It also provides form builder and contact management. 

    WP ERP

    WP ERP is another plugin on the list that is free. You can use this plugin for various kinds and scales of businesses and websites. They have a great solution for CRM. You can also use it for HR and accountancy-related things to make it a multipurpose plugin. In Spite of being a free plugin, they have unlimited features and the chance to make as many entries as you want. 

    WordPress CRM plugin

    WordPress CRM plugin is a freemium plugin that you can use both ways. If you are satisfied with its free version, then you get a budget plugin, but if you want to enjoy more advanced features, then you switch to the premium version. It offers you to save all the contacts in the database and custom fields. 

    Web-To-Lead for Salesforce

    You might have heard about Salesforce because it is a widely used CRM plugin ad also popular among users. Web-To-Lead for Salesforce is a cloud-based plugin which means you don’t have to worry about the data which will be stored in the cloud for your website. Accessing the form builder is also accessible because it is located right in the dashboard of the plugin.

    Bitrix24 CRM

    If you’re looking for an advanced solution to this choice question, then you should check out the Bitrix 24 CRM tool, which is not exactly a plugin but can be said to be an integration that can be used for your website. You can locate the contact from anywhere and it will always be helpful in getting new leads for your WordPress website. 

    Final words

    CRM plugins are definitely one of the best ways for achieving customer relationships in a better way and with the least effort. There are many amazing options on this list that you can choose from on your website. You will only have to check for the option that stands right on your requirements. Three are many plugins on this list that have many additional features too, like forms and messaging tools. If you find any plugin which is the most useful, then you shall choose the one.


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