7 Best WordPress Database Plugins to Cleanup and Optimize Your DB

    WordPress has endless plugin options and in this blog, we will be discussing some of the best database plugins which can help its users in WordPress database backup and optimize databases on your website. The database makes the website better and helps in getting performances for your website and the growth. If you don’t check it from time to time, then it might slow down your website’s direct impact on the ranking, traffic, and performance. This is the reason we are here to find the best WordPress database plugins:

    WP Database Reset

    For anyone who is looking for a plugin that will not only help in optimization but also in resetting a lot of settings on WordPress database matter, then WP Database Reset is the right option for you. You do not have to follow long steps to optimize the database. It can make things done with a single click only. 

    WP Database Backup

    WP Database Backup is an amazing plugin. For better functioning, you should ema it up with a setup or optimization plugin for the database. It is also great for the security of your website. It helps in setting the backup and restoring by downloading. The backup will be notified through email, which is a great initiative to keep super informed. 

    Contact Form 7 Database Addon 

    If you are looking for a plugin that will not only do the work but does not make a hole in your pocket then Contact Form 7 Database Addon is the right plugin for you. It is a free plugin which is the biggest highlight of the plugin. You can even check and keep track of the contact for data with it. It is also easy to install and integrate. 


    WP-Optimize is a multi-functional plugin for WordPress databases. It helps in the optimization of the database of your website by cleaning and caching the WordPress database. It also helps in compressing the information of the database for better optimization. Caching during this process is very beneficial because it will help increase the speed of your website, which is good for performance.


    If you don’t want to spend hours just learning and understanding the functioning of the plugin for optimizing the database, then you should definitely check out the WP-DBManager. It has many additional and extra features which help in optimizing since the beginning. This will log the data and files of your database by backing it up on WordPress. 

    Participants Database

    There are various sections of the database and the Participants Database plugin helps in optimizing and creating the database for the visitors and the contacts of your website. You can even enjoy many add ons which are mostly paid but they help in enhancing the process immediately. You can even fix the rules for validation.

    Advanced Database Cleaner

    Just like the anime suggests, the Advanced Database Cleaner is a really advanced plugin for the website. It can help in revising and deleting the data and information. It is a free plugin which is good news for beginners. But you can also use the premium version. 

    Wrapping Up

    You cannot easily find a plugin for WordPress because there are not that good options but the real struggle is that there are too many great options which make the decision a little more difficult for all of us. database plugins are amazing and they will really help your website in cleaning and optimizing the website for the search engines. The above-mentioned plugins are fantastic and really going to help your website in getting better performance and help in saving the data which is significant for your website.


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