You can find many options for WordPress web hosting these days. But you can choose any of the web hosting for your website. It is a very difficult decision to make. You are going to need a good review that satisfies all your questions with the right kind of answers. In this blog, we have that for you. In this review, you will get to know everything about A2 Hosting, so you get to make a certain decision before you choose this web hosting, or any hosting for that matter.

    First of all, if you have a hosting in your final list of choices for web hosting, then you are half easy through making a good decision. A2 Hosting has many different plans for various kinds of users. It has something for everyone. They have amazing features in their plan, making it one of the top choices in this service. You can say it is a reliable and solid option. It doesn’t matter which kind of requirement you are putting in front of this web hosting. Let’s check more about it in the below sections:

    Reasons for using A2 Hosting

    In this section, we will discuss the reasons which make A2 Hosting worthy to the user:

    • They have an incredible support team that is available throughout the clock. You can approach them through live chat, email and phone too, which is a perk. 
    • It does not concern which kind of hosting you will be choosing, managed or unmanaged; they have got a variety of options in both of the kinds keeping all of its users happy. 
    • When it comes to the protection, they have many security features ensuring the safety of your website. They have DDoS protection and SSL certificates. They will scan for the malware, detect it, and treat it instantly. 
    • One of the features for which A2 Hosting is known is its speed. Web hosting does have a fast loading, leaving your visitors with a good user experience. Even if the page loading takes time or lags, it is very few times which cannot even be detected by any user because it does not happen often. 
    • They also have automatic backups. This makes the handling of the website easier. Though they have a limited 50GB backup, that should not be a problem for most of the websites. 

    Reasons for not using A2 Hosting

    Though it is difficult to find any disadvantages of A2 Hosting, for you we have jotted a few points which are drawbacks as compared to other web hostings. Let’s check them out:

    • They have limited data centres that are loathed in North America and Europe. This can be bad news for users who have their audience in other locations. They will be willing to go to the web hosting service, which has a server location near to what they want. 
    • If you are willing to go for window hosting, then you won’t find many options in that plan. 
    • They might be famous for having plans at competitive prices. But its pricing and plan still are more expensive than many of the web hosting providers. 

    Final thoughts

    No matter how many websites you check, you will definitely find a few drawbacks in its features or services. For selecting the right web hosting for your website, it is necessary that you have the features in the web hosting which fall right into your requirements list. A2 Hosting is a popular name and even for WordPress, it has made a reputation for itself just as the SiteGround Bluehost has. You can try this web shotgun without any doubt because of its great performance and speed. There are other features as well which come along with its A2 Hosting plan, making it worthy. 


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