Web hosting is a crucial factor in the web world. With the increasing number of websites, the significance of web hosting service providers has also increased. There are various types of web hosting services available from which you can easily choose the right type. Shared hosting is the primary and most basic type of shared hosting which is affordable and effective. If you are wondering what shared hosting is and will it be good for your website then you have landed on the right page. In this blog we will discuss these points to help you in making a better decision:

    What is Shared Hosting?

    Shared hosting is the first option that comes to mind with any of the website owners. It is simple to access and also affordable. Shared hosting’s server has many websites hosting at the same time. This means that the server that you will be using will be shared with other users as well which is why it is known as shared hosting. There are many reasons which make it an amazing choice but a few which stop people from using it. 

    Factors To Check Before Deciding The Shared Hosting

    There are certain factors and features which you should check before you finalize the shared hosting you will be picking or any kind of web hosting for that matter. Uptime and performance are the first basic factors that can make or break your website. Freebies and cost will help you say in the budget cost that you have decided. Ease of use and customer support will really make the journey simple for you. Storage, database, and bandwidth are essential features that must be considered before making a crucial decision. 

    Advantages of Using Shared Hosting

    Shared hosting is definitely the go-to option for many websites. Especially for the beginners who are just starting out in the web world. They find it extremely affordable because its plan has many varieties. You can find various plans which will make it a great deal. You will also get many freebies in many of the web hosting services which acts as a cherry on the cake. 

    If you’re thinking of even growing your website in the future you have the option of scaling up your website. You will not need to worry about server maintenance in the shared hosting. If you want to add some features to your plan then you can even find the service providers who have customization available in their plan. Though many shared hosting these days has great plans making it an excellent choice. 

    Disadvantages Of Using Shared Hosting

    While there are multiple advantages of using shared hosting there are a few disadvantages of using shared hosting as well. First of all, it can handle a lot of traffic. This means if you own a big website then it is probably not the best choice for you. You will be sharing the server with other websites means there are chances of downtimes more often when compared to other websites. It is because the server is between websites means a breach can affect all the websites on that server. 

    Final Verdict

    No matter what kind of website or niche your website will be if you are starting out then shared hosting is a great option. Unless you are already sure that your WordPress website has higher requirements and will have more traffic since the start you should stick to shred web hosting options. You can find variety in plans. Though there can be a few disadvantages which might affect your decision. But overall it is a great option for all kinds of websites. 


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