Kinsta is a world-famous web hosting company that is primarily known for blogging sites and WordPress. There are many options in the web hosting services, but Bluehost and Kinsta have a separate fanbase when it comes to WordPress. You can see that web hosting has truly great features which are good for any website owner. In this blog, we have covered the features, advantages and disadvantages of web hosting, which can help you in deciding whether the web hosting is worth the cost of its plan or not. Following are the advantages and features of suing this web hosting:


    While most web hosting has very few data centres to select from, Kinsta has many options. It gives its users variety to choose from following are the name of its data centres:

    1. Zurich, Switzerland
    2. LosAngeles, California, USA.
    3. Netherlands
    4. Mumbai, India
    5. Jurong West, Singapore
    6. London, UK
    7. Moncks Corner, USA
    8. Osaka, Japan
    9. Sidney, Australia
    10. St. Ghislain, Belgium
    11. Hong Kong
    12. Hamina, Finland
    13. Montreal, Canada
    14. Tokyo, Japan
    15. Frankfurt, Germany
    16. Saulo, Paulo, Brazil
    17. Ashburn, USA
    18. The Dalles, USA
    19. Changhua County, Taiwan
    20. Council Bluffs, USA

    Regular Backup 

    Many web hosting does not have backup services. This increases the cost of hosting a website. But Kinsta hosting has free backup. You can have your website backed up regularly and automatically with this service. They also have on demand backup. You can even restore the data within seconds. 

    Website Migration For Free

    For the ones who already own a website, here is good news for you all. Sometimes when shifting the website, one major concern for expenses is the cost of migration. But with Kinsta, you will get free website migration. This will save a lot of money in your pocket. You won’t have to spend additional money on your data or website migration. 

    Uptime And Performance

    Kinsta is known for high speed. The loading time is very low and it can be loaded within seconds, which is great for the user experience. They also have an uptime of 99.99, which is higher than the industry standard uptime. 


    With Kinsta, you get free website migration which we have explained in one of the previous points. But apart from that, it also has free SSL from LetsEncrypt. It is easy to access and install. In the dashboard, you will find the section tools which also have free tools. 


    Nothing is perfect. So is not the Kinsta web hosting service. They have many advantages and brilliant features, but there are a few things that they also lack:

    Lacks Email Hosting

    When it comes to web hosting, there are many features that users can demand. The latest technology has brought many innovations, but the basic requirement is email hosting. Kinsta does not have email hosting, which is a necessity for many website types. 

    Good Support But Not Through Phone

    Though the customer support of Kinsta is great. They are quick and responsive but they lack the phone support which is present in many web hosting services these days. This can be a deal-breaker for many users as phone support is faster and gives better assistance when compared to SMS or live chat.

    Final Verdict 

    Kinsta has become a popular web hosting for many kinds of websites. It is wrong to say that it is less than the most popular opinions in any way. Looking at the features and advantages of using this web hosting, it is clear that it is worth every penny. Though it can be said that it is a little pricey when seeing other low costing options, after checking out the amazing features, it can be neglected. In the above blog, we have seen all the reasons for using this web shotgun even after considering the cost of its web hosting plans. 


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