Finding the best web hosting service provider at today’s time is difficult. It doesn’t matter how many sources we have got to confirm the qualities and features of a web hosting company. The amount of options that we have today is unlimited, which makes the choice most difficult. 

    If you are reading this blog and wondering if SiteGround is the right choice for you then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will be discussing everything about SIteGround which will clear all your doubts. If you want to cut short and skip reading the blog and want to know your opinion, then it is yes. 

    SiteGround is definitely worth the shot considering all its excellent features. But if you are someone who lives in south-east Asia, Brazil or basically a non- American or non-European country, then you might want to look for other options because SiteGround does not allow users from these regions. Sow without spending any more time we shall begin with the review:


    Among many other essential features, SiteGround has a high uptime which is very essential for any website. If a web hosting company has low uptime then your visitors and users will suffer and won’t be able to find your website. It also has good speed which makes the performance better. 

    Customer Support

    SiteGround has very responsive customer support. After raising the ticket you get an instant reply. Even the solution to your problem is provided as soon as possible. You won’t have to wait for long hours to get a solution. The staff is expert which makes the task even easier. 

    User -Friendly

    SiteGround is a web hosting company that has Cpanel. This is a standard interface that is very easy to use. It is very common in almost all web hosting which makes it easily accessible. The dashboard as well can be navigated by anyone. If you are a new user who is looking for a web shotgun that can be easy for them then this is your choice. 


    SiteGround has affordable starting plans but it is not limited to that. Even for beginners, their deal is amazing. It offers a free SSL certificate which is by LetsEncrypt. They also do not charge for the website migration. It means if you already own a website then you won’t have to pay anything for migrating all the data. 

    Security Features

    SiteGround is a web hosting that values its user’s data and private information the most. They have a website malware scanner that can detect any kind of virus or malware on your website. It also has CDN which helps in keeping your website safe and secure from any kind of hackers. 


    SiteGround has many features which set it apart from many web hosting companies. Startin with its cheap plan. This is one of the most popular pros of using SiteGround’s web hosting service. But it has a lot apart from this. Let’s check out:

    • Other than having cheap plans for the web hosting services SiteGround also has freebies. They provide free migration for their users. Their plan also has a free website backup. This means you won’t have to be worried about getting the security of your website information and data and that too from time to time. 
    • A 30-day money-back guarantee makes it worthy to at least try. All of you know how often we want to switch from one web hosting service to another because they lack a few features. In this process, a lot of users waste a lot of money too. But with SiteGround you have to be worried about that because they have the money back guarantee with which you can try it and then take your money back in case it is not fit for you. 
    • Their plans are inexpensive to start with. Especially for the beginners who are worried about the budget and investment. Newbies benefit a lot from cheap plans. These plans also have many incredible features too. 
    • All webmasters know that SSL Certificates are really important for their websites. With SiteGround you get it for free without any additional cost. 
    • As we have mentioned in the former section that in spite of being inexpensive and cheap, SiteGround offers really high uptime which leads to 99.99%. This is higher than the standard uptime that any web hosting proceeds. 
    • For any web hosting service, customer support is the most essential part and they have a team of dedicated individuals to care enough to solve your problems or issues as soon as possible. 


    Although it is really difficult to find any drawbacks of using this hosting service, we have managed to pinpoint a few to give you a more detailed review. 

    • They might have the cheapest or most inexpensive plan but in this advantage lies their disadvantage too. They don’t have the VPS or dedicated hosting which can be a turnoff for the pens who might later want to upgrade their website. 
    • They might have many freebies like migration, SSL certificate or backup but they lack free domain names for their users. 
    • Higher renewal rates of their plans are a bit of a problem. It is because this is a very usual industry trick that leads to fooling its users. 
    • Cheap pans that SiteGround is kind of limited like very limited storage or disk space. 

    Parting Words

    SiteGround is a very popular web shotgun service that has established itself as an expert in the field. Many consider it a good replacement for Bluehost even when WordPress is considered the website which you will be using. Looking at the high uptime and speed you can understand that the performance of the web hosting company is going to be commendable. 

    They have many freebies which make the plan of its web hosting very affordable. Their customer support is good. Their only downfall is that they don’t have VPS or dedicated hosting and the storage is limited. Other than that it’s a great web hosting for all kinds of users.


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