In the relentless world of law, legal professionals need to harness the power of technology.  Which is why they are embracing legal case management softwares these days. These legal software helps them streamline their daily activities and manage more complex tasks. The clutter on lawyers’ desks reduces once they start using these legal practice management software. Lawyers can manage their documents, files, communication, case information through a law firm software. 

    In this blog, we will discuss two of the powerful legal practice management software in the industry, CaseFox and Actionstep. Both these software have their own advantages, features, use case and pricing. In this blog, you will also learn how CaseFox is an Actionstep alternative.

    Actionstep Vs CaseFox

    1. Pricing 

    The first and most common criteria on which legal professionals or firms compare law practice management software is pricing. Pricing plays a crucial role in influencing the buying decision. A software that is affordable and offers all the necessary features will get sign ups then an overpriced software. Below, we will compare the pricing structure of two popular practice management software for lawyers. 

    a. Actionstep Pricing 

    Actionstep, on the other hand, is popular for its enterprise-level pricing structure. While it may have higher costs compared to CaseFox, Actionstep offers a more extensive set of features and customization options. This makes it a preferred choice for larger firms or those with complex needs who are willing to invest in a comprehensive and scalable solution. The most basic plan of the Actionstep cost $99.00 1 Per User Per Month. The premier plan is $149.00 1 Per User Per Month. This can be expensive for a lot of legal professionals or firms. 

    If you are looking for an affordable option, CaseFox is definitely the best Actionstep alternative available in the industry. It offers numerous features at much affordable pricing.

    b. CaseFox Pricing 

    CaseFox is a legal practice management software that is probably the most affordable software in the industry. CaseFox has one flat pricing for all the features it offers. CaseFox offers three different pricing plans to cater to different clients and audiences. CaseFox is a free law practice management software for solo practitioners. CaseFox has one free plan that caters solo practitioners. They can use this plan for a free lifetime. This plan offers most of the features that software has. It has only a few limitations, like the number of cases that lawyers can add. If you are a solo practitioner with less caseload, you can opt for this free case management software.

    If you want to add as many cases as you want, you can move to the next plan. CaseFox offers a pro plan that is for $39 per user/month USD. This plan has all the features that CaseFox offers. Users will not have to pay extra to leverage all the features. 

    Lastly, CaseFox has one enterprise plan that has flexible pricing. The pricing of enterprise plans will depend on the feature requirements and preference of the enterprise. 

    2. Support & Customer Service 

    Efficient customer service is essential when it comes to legal practice management software. A software that offers top-notch customer service improves client satisfaction. Most of the legal professionals want a law firm case management software that can offer effective and instant customer service.  But not all law firm case management softwares offers this kind of customer support. Let’s compare the customer support feature of CaseFox and Actionstep below: 

    a. Actionstep Customer Support 

    Actionstep is a software that is charging too much and still does not provide customer support around the clock. If users are facing any issue and they want to connect with the support team. They will have to raise the ticket for their issue. After that, the Actionstep team will connect with them to resolve the issue. The overall process is little time consuming and can hamper the productivity of the firm or lawyer.

    b. CaseFox Customer Support

    The customer support feature of CaseFox makes it stand out from other software in the market. CaseFox support team is available 24*7 around the clock to offer customer service. This is rare in the industry as most of the softwares offers support only during business hours. For customer support, CaseFox has a few different channels, such as chat, email, and phone calls. Customer can decide how they want to connect with the team for support. 

    3. Custom Tag 

    Custom Tag is a very valuable feature that can help legal professionals and firms in staying organized. Custom tag feature is not available in most of the law firm management softwares. But it is a useful tool that helps firms to label certain information in the software. 

    a. Actionstep Custom Tag 

    Actionstep is a robust legal billing software, but it lacks custom tag features. If users want to tag or classify any particular information, they can do that. As the tag feature in Actionstep is missing. 

    Custom tag features give CaseFox competitive advantage and make it an Actionstep alternative & competitor. 

    b. CaseFox Custom Tag Feature

    CaseFox is a cloud-based legal billing software that offers custom tag features. This feature enables users to add a label to certain information within the software. Fox example lawyers can use custom tags to classify the practice area or case type of particular client. They can use it to add notes, etc. These custom tags make classification and organization more effective.

    Table Of Comparison 

    Features CaseFox Actionstep
    Free Pricing Model CaseFox has a free pricing plan for solo practitioners.  Actionstep doesn’t offer any free plans. 
    Ease of UseEasy to understand and use. It has an intuitive workflow. Actionstep may require some  initial learning, as the UI is a little complicated. 
    ScalabilitySuitable for solo practitioner, small and mid-size firms. Suitable for enterprise level firms. 
    Support and Customer ServiceDedicated and responsive customer support.Customer support during business hours. 
    Multilingual Support Offer multilingual supportThis feature is not available in Actionstep. 

    The Bottom Line 

    In CaseFox vs Actionstep comparison, both the softwares offers different features and pricing. CaseFox is a cloud based user friendly and affordable software that is suitable for audiences of all types. But on the other hand, Actionstep is complex, expensive and is suitable for firms with complex needs. With all the features and affordable pricing, CaseFox is a perfect Actionstep alternative for small firms and solo practitioners. 

    Before choosing any legal practice management software, it is crucial to understand your needs and requirements. This will help you make better and informed decisions. 


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