In the bustling world of law, legal professionals are always on a quest to find the perfect legal practice management software. The law practice management software boosts productivity and helps lawyers offer exceptional client service. There are various legal practice management software in the industry. All these software offers different features, pricing, and integration capabilities. Among various billing software for lawyers, CaseFox and Smokeball are emerging as two prominent software in the industry. But because of various advanced features and functionalities, CaseFox is becoming a Smokeball alternative. In this blog, you will learn more about CaseFox and Smokeball and compare all the features of both the softwares. 

    Smokeball Overview 

    Smokeball is a legal practice management software that supports smart case management and legal billing. Smoke is a legal practice management software that is suitable for firms. Smokeball doesn’t focus too much on solo practitioners. Smokeball offers in-built e-signature but users may have to switch to advance plans for that. The software helps in managing leads, cases, and time effectively. Smokeball offers a variety of features, but users may have to pay for leveraging these features.

    CaseFox Overview 

    CaseFox is a cloud-based legal practice management software that offers various comprehensive features. This software is suitable for solo practitioners and firms. It can make the whole process of legal management efficient. From the first step of client intake to offering customer service, CaseFox can do it all. Lawyers and firms can manage their time, finance, documents, and cases with the advanced feature of CaseFox. The software allows users to track time, expenses and generate bills efficiently. With the pricing and features that CaseFox provides, it becomes a Smokeball alternative for various individuals. The best part about CaseFox is that it is a free legal billing software for solo practitioners. CaseFox doesn’t charge any amount from solo practitioners in their free plan. This law practice management software offers all the features in the free plan too.

    CaseFox vs Smokeball


    The pricing of law firm case management software varies according to the features and functionality. Some case management systems provide subscription-based models while others opt for one-time payment or usage-based pricing options. When evaluating the legal billing software for your firm, it is crucial to consider the pricing of the software. The pricing of the firm does not just impact the budget of the firm. But it also determines the value your firm will receive from the software. Below, we will compare the pricing of CaseFox and Smokeball. 

    a. CaseFox Pricing 

    CaseFox is a legal software that offers three different price plans. It has flat pricing, which means lawyers won’t have to pay an extra amount for any additional feature. For solo practitioners that don’t have many caseloads, CaseFox is a free law practice management software. It doesn’t charge anything. Next, CaseFox has a pro plan that costs around  $39 per user/month USD. This plan includes all the features that CaseFox has to offer. From time tracking, billing, task management, invoice generation, legal billing, and LEDES billing. CaseFox offers everything in this plan that a firm or legal professional may need. 

    b. Smokeball Pricing 

    Smokeball has three different pricing editions. The first one is Smokeball start, and this plan costs around $29.00 per User/Per Month. This is the most basic plan that Smokeball offers and this plan doesn’t have various essential and advanced features. The next plan is Smokeball grow, and it is starting at $99.00 per User/Per Month. The last plan that it has is Smokeball Prosper starting at  $149.00 per month/per user. 

    Multilingual Support 

    Multilingual is a feature that enables law lawyers and firms to connect with clients from different backgrounds. The multilingual support that law firm billing software offers allows law firms to create invoices, communicate with clients and offer service in multiple different languages. This software helps in fostering better client relationships. 

    a. CaseFox Multilingual feature 

    CaseFox offers multilingual support that enables lawyers and firms to generate bills and invoices in multiple languages. This feature is very effective and useful for lawyers as it enables them to reach wider audiences speaking different languages. The multilingual feature that CaseFox offers removes language barriers. This is a must-have feature and it can be beneficial for various legal professionals and law firms. 

    b. Smokeball Multilingual Feature 

    Smokeball is a legal billing software that offers various advanced features but unfortunately, it lacks multilingual capabilities. Smokeball supports only one language to generate bills, invoices and for client communication, too. 

    Customer Support 

    The customer support feature of legal practice management holds great importance in offering client satisfaction. Robust customer support will enable firms to offer top-notch service to their clients. Lawyers and firms can solve the issues that their clients face within a few minutes with powerful customer service. Below, we will compare the customer support that CaseFox and Smokeball offer. 

    a. CaseFox Customer Support 

    Customer support will play an essential role in enhancing user experience. CaseFox offers top-notch customer support to users. CaseFox is one of those case management softwares that offers robust 24*7 customer support. This means if any time clients face any glitches, technical issues or they have any sort of queries. They can take help from customer support which is available 24*7. 

    b. Smokeball Customer Support 

    Smokeball is a legal practice management software that offers customer support only in business hours. This means clients can report their issues and queries only during these hours. This can be the major drawback for the software, as it can hamper the daily practice of lawyers or firms. If they face any technical issues.

    CaseFox VS Smokeball 

    CaseFox Smokeball 
    Free Account CaseFox offers a free account for a solo practitioner. Smokeball offers a free trial but it doesn’t have a free account. 
    User Interface CaseFox has a straightforward and intuitive interface. Smokeball offers user-friendly with modern design
    Custom Forms and Template CreationCaseFox offers custom form and templates for billing and invoicing. Smokeball doesn’t have any customization for forms and templates. 
    Customer Support 24*7 customer support by CaseFox. Smokeball offers customer service only during business hours. 
    LEDES e-Billing CaseFox makes LEDES e-billing easy. Smokeball doesn’t have an LEDES e-billing feature. 

    The Bottom Line 

    When it comes to choosing the perfect law practice management software, it is essential to consider various factors. Such as interface, integration, billing, invoicing, task management, case management and pricing, etc. CaseFox and Smokeball both are reputable legal billing software. With the features and pricing that CaseFox offers, it becomes the perfect Smokeball alternative. CaseFox is a powerful Smokeball competitor, as it is affordable and offers more features. Assess the requirements of your firm and choose the legal billing software that suits your needs.


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