Website owners have various forms of monetizing sources, but not all the sources work as affiliate marketing does. It is one of the primary ways by which it is used by bloggers mainly. But currently, various professional and website owners have taken the help of affiliate marketing to earn revenue. It is very necessary that you turn your website into a monetization platform because of all the time and effort you put into it. Affiliate marketing is very simple, but newbies might feel a little overwhelmed when they have to add the link or check the performance. But after this blog, you will have a bunch of WordPress plugins that are very effective and user-friendly and can help anyone in getting a better hold over it. Let’s start

    Pretty Links

    If you are looking for a plugin that can be helpful in cloaking the affiliate link on your website, then Pretty Links is perfect for that. It will help your website in maintaining a high-quality display. The features it provides can keep your website in an excellent position in the search engine too. This plugin will make your link look clean and keep out the string of characters that are there by default. 


    If you are looking for a beginner-friendly plugin for affiliate links, then go nowhere than the ThirstyAffiliate. This plugin is considered to be the most excellent one among many plugins which provide affiliate links on WordPress websites. You don’t even need the knowledge of coding on this plugin. Just go with the steps and add the link to your site and keep checking the performance of these links continuously. 


    AdSanity is a plugin that helps in the management and sorting of the ads on your WordPress website. You can quickly and easily add the ads to your website with this plugin. You can even use it for gaining more revenue from these ads when compared to other plugins. Even after adding the ads, you can keep a track of all the changes and the performance of the link. The statistics like visitors, views, and the rates of it can be tracked with this plugin. 

    Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin

    Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin is not just a usual affiliate plugin but one which specializes in the email list. Email lists are considered a primitive but still trusted method of growing users, visitors, traffic, and conversion on your website. This plugin will make it easy for you to add the subscription form to your website. Also, keep a regular update to the users too, so they always stay engaged with them. It also has amazing features for pop-ups too. 


    SEMRush is one place to go for anything related to WordPress. This multitasking high-end plugin provides many features related to SEO and here it will also help you with the same department. They will as always keep a track of keywords, search for new keywords and give you the benefit from those keywords. You will only have to do anything additionally. It also benefits the PPC campaigns. It is simple to find topics and paid keywords too from this plugin. 

    Final Words

    After reading this blog you might have understood that for affiliate links and marketing you don’t only have to add the links to your site but need some work after that as well. We have worried about enrolling the best and top WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing, as this is a primary mode of monetization by bloggers and other kinds of website owners. All these have various benefits and you can pick the right ones for your website. 


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