Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms that have the attention of many users. You might be working hard on your Instagram posts and you would want to add those pictures or posts of your Instagram handle to your blog site as well. Well, here is the kick that you can do with simple and easy steps. You just have to add the right plugins to your WordPress site. 

    There are many different plugins available for WordPress, some are free and some paid. It is up to your requirement and choice which one you will choose. With many free Instagram plugins, you can add your Instagram posts to your site. But to add the pictures or posts that have tagged your account or posts you need the premium version. 

    In this blog we have discussed both the free and paid Instagram plugins to change your WordPress game:  

    10Web Social Photo Feed

    If you are looking for a free Instagram plugin then 10Web Social Photo Feed could be the answer for you. You can use both free and paid versions of this plugin. It can be used for basic and premium versions of WordPress with different features. With a free version, you can plugin your user account. But for the accounts or posts that have tagged, you will need a paid version. 

    Price – Though it has a free version it’s paid version’s cost starts at 10 Web Social Photo Feed starts at $25.

    Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

    For someone looking for the top-notch free Instagram plugin for their WordPress site, they must go for Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed. It is a choice of many users of WordPress. With a high rating, it does give the results for the WordPress site owners. The basic advantages and disadvantages of this site remain the same as its peers. The free version allows only to showcase your own posts but with the paid version you can include the pictures that you tagged. It has a layouts style which is – Highlight, Carousel, and Masonry. 

    Price – The paid version of this application is $49.


    If your plan does not limit to only Instagram plugins and you think of a plugin that backs other platforms as well then you might like Flow-Flow. Though here we are talking about the WordPress Instagram plugins this application lets you target other social media platforms as well which goes to a count of 14. If you are someone who would want to focus on just Instagram feeds then don’t worry they have a solution to that as well. For someone who needs just the standard features, nothing extra, its free version would be fine. But for others, you will have to go for the paid version. 

    Price – Its paid version costs you $39. 

    Simple Social Icons

    For being a free version of the WordPress Instagram plugin the Simple Social Icons are really great. You get to experience the customization with them. It is simple and basic, you just need to try it out. You can add links to your social media account so the way to your different social media handle is easy for your readers or followers. The customization of the color, icon, and style is easy peasy at this platform. But if you want more than what is available then you will have to shift to the paid version. 


    Many have mixed feelings when it comes to Intagrate. The reason could be their different functioning patterns. They let you fetch posts from your Instagram account and post them separately as a WordPress post. This you may or may not like but the idea of creating posts of your Instagram feed at WordPress is amusing to many. 

    Price – The paid version is $55.

    Spotlight – Social Photo Feeds

    For a newbie, Spotlight can be a trick to a simpler path. It has an easier panel that lets everyone work with almost no hassle. The plugin is quite new in the market but has managed to make a place for itself in the market. It may have a little fewer users than its competitors but its rating speaks another story. 


    Grace is the perfect answer to all the features suckers who go for the best facilities at a WordPress Instagram plugin. When it comes to different layouts they have ample supply for that.

    Feed them Social 

    For anyone who wants not only Instagram but other Social media plugins as well, I think to Feed them Social could be an ideal option for you. With the name itself, it is clear that the visibility and display range is quite varied in Feed them Social. The posts can be viewed from various sources. 

    Photonic Gallery & Lightbox

    From thumbnails to other various layouts you name it and photonic has it. It is an efficient Instagram plugin for your WordPress site. But one disadvantage here is that you can’t access or post other account’s data or feed which might be not suitable for many of you. 

    Instagram Feed Gallery

    Being a paid service the Instagram Feed Gallery definitely outshines many of its competitors. Ease of use, variety, and custom feed are some of the features that set it apart. But on top of it, you can use or post from more than one account which is good news for you. 

    Final Verdict

    After reading through all the options you are now aware of many of the plug-ins that might suit you. With the above article, you can have a quick idea of what to look for in a WordPress Instagram plugin and which one stands right on your demands.


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