Siteground is considered as one of the highest performing websites that give amazing results. From uptime to dedicated support you get everything from this managed web hosting. But one reason that might drive it away from its users is that it is not as affordable as its counterparts. 

    You do not need to worry because we have given you some of the amazing options that can give you the same level of speed and performance as Siteground. We are not at all suggesting that Siteground is a comparatively lower or less good option but the price increase has made many shift from this web hosting to other more affordable options but as good in the quality and performance as Siteground. 

    If you are also searching for web hosting that would be a good replacement for Siteground then this is the right guide for you. In this blog we have provided some of the best opinions for you:

    1. Bluehost 

    Bluehost is a web hosting company that can be more affordable to you than Siteground. Siteground’s constant increase in price has made it an expensive option. The web hosting company is one of the best options already and it seems more affordable than your original option then you must check it out. Following are the features that it offers:

    • It offers free domain names and SSL certificates as freebies. 
    • You can get unlimited resources from the hosting service. 
    • The user-friendly interface of WordPress for new users. 
    • You get staging sites and WordPress updates which are automated. 

    2. Hostgator

    Hostgator is another Siteground alternative and it offers managed WordPress so, the bloggers and business owners who require WordPress service can go for this one. They do not have as impressive customer support as Siteground but it can be managed when considering its other features and services. In the following section we have explained all its features:

    • You get access to the unlimited resources that it has to offer.
    • Along with these resources it offers freebies as well like free domain, migration, SSL certificate and email hosting. 
    • Multiple data centres for a better network server. 

    3. A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting is the ultimate option for anyone who prefers speed and performance. Even its WordPress hosting and the features related to it are incredible. Along with so many benefits, we are explaining here the best features and advantages that you will get with A2 hosting:

    • Like many of its counterparts, A2 hosting as well provides freebies like free backups, SSL certificates, and website migration. 
    • You can get a security scan and unlimited bandwidth as its primary features.
    • They provide 100 GB of storage and 5 databases.

    4. Cloudways

    If you’re looking for an alternative that also gives premium service of cloud-based web hosting. The uptime and support are spectacular at Cloudways. Following are some features to justify its presence in the list:

    • You get a free SSL certificate and fast loading servers due to multiple data centers. 
    • Easy scaling and staging sites. 
    • You get backups which are automatic and CDN. 

    5. GreenGeeks

    If you are looking for an alternative to siteground which can replace it for the factors of Google cloud partnership or the energy consumption saving then GreenGeeks should be your first choice for that reason. It is an eco-friendly service that has strong service. 

    • With GreenGeeks you get unlimited storage
    • They have a free SSL certificate and no bandwidth restriction. 
    • The first year of your subscription will provide you with the free domain along with the web hosting. 

    6. DreamHost

    The WordPress users go for siteground because it is a recommendation of WordPress itself. The same is the case with DreamHost. WordPress recommends it for WordPress hosting. They guarantee an uptime of 99.99%. They also have a money-back guarantee of 97 days.

    • When we talk about the freebies that DreamHost gives it starts with a free domain for a year just like GreenGeeks. They also give free SSL certificates. 
    • It gives unlimited traffic on your site and automated WordPress migration. 
    • Its users will also get a WP website builder. 

    7. Cloudways

    Cloudways is not only a great alternative for the Siteground but it is an affordable alternative too. It will entirely depend on your requirements on which kind of budget or plans you are searching for. They even let their users pick the hosting structure from other cloud hosting providers. 

    • Cloudways won’t leave you hanging after selecting the hosting provider. It will do the entire setup itself. 
    • It installs WordPress in just one click. 
    • It has a free SSL certificate and customer support round the clock. 
    • They have site staging and backup too. 

    8. WPX Hosting

    Managed WordPress hosting is another budget option that you can choose as an alternative to Siteground. This service provider also has variety in the plans for the hosting. Even if you are just starting out for your website you will get the entry-level plan from them. 

    • This feature enriched plugin is built-in CDN and site staging. 
    • As for freebies, it offers SSL certificates and regular backup both manual and automatic. 
    • They provide round the clock support for its users. 
    • Even the security is covered with DDoS protection and firewalls. 

    9. Flywheel

    If you want to go for a managed WordPress hosting that is of premium quality then Flywheel can be the perfect choice for that. It is considered one of the most popular web hosting providers and also stands on the top list for providing premium services. The performance and the speed of this web hosting are remarkable. They also have a user-friendly interface. 

    • With this premium Web hosting, you will be provided with a free SSL certificate and built-in CDN. 
    • Their infrastructure is also cloud-based which is similar to Siteground. 

    10. Kinsta

    If you want a flexible and all-rounder performer which can act as a replacement for Siteground then Kinsta is the one. This premium Web hosting service has various options and features which will make it an easier option for its users. Though its plans are expensive they provide the right results from that. 

    • This web hosting is a package of freebies that includes free SSL and CDN. Back-up is also free.
    • There are no limitations on site migration. 
    • Google cloud and secure server is a plus. 

    To Conclude

    In this blog, you got the list of some of the best and affordable Siteground alternatives that will make a good choice for its replacement. You can check the features and pricing and pick the one which suits your requirement the best. Do consider the features and type of hosting that you will be going for and then you will be having the option for replacement. 


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