When anyone starts a website, it is usual for them to start with the shared hosting that is what is done by most users or website wonders. It saves them the cost of expensive web hosting services and other additional costs that come with it. But with time when your website is getting higher traffic, it becomes important for you to upgrade your web hosting service. The next best option that comes after the shared hosting is the VPS. This one is less costly than the dedicated one but provides better services and features than the shared hosting.

    There are many benefits of signing the VPS server. The first one is that you won’t have to share the server with anyone. You can also manage or set up your website as you like. There would be no restrictions as to shared hosting. It’s difficult to find the best VPS web hosting service, as there are plenty of options available. But you don’t have to worry as we have done the research on your behalf and have made a list of the best options for the VPS hosting in this blog. You can check out all the options and read carefully about them so in the end, you can find the best option which stands right on your requirements. Let’s begin:


    InMotion is one of the best options in web hosting when it comes to VPS servers. As for freebies, it offers free website migration for WordPress users, a free domain that is provided with 6 or 12-month plans. They also have free backups and unlimited CPU cores. They have amazing support from experts. You can approach them through live chat, ticketing or the email system. They also have a money-back guarantee which helps you in trying out their service. 


    While many know and consider Bluehost to be WordPress hosting, it is more than that. It has an amazing uptime which is 99.99 which is higher than the standard uptime. They have amazing support and which has an instant response and try to solve the issue as soon as possible. They have strong website performances and can also be helpful for photography websites.


    HostGator is a great web hosting service for VPS servers. You can find a huge discount on your plans during the first term. They have an amazing and guaranteed item which is 99.99. Align with these, you can also get high storage space for your website. Though they do not have the free domain they do offer free website migration fate completing a few conditions. One of the biggest perks of this web hosting is the support. You can approach customer support through phone service as well. This is quicker and easier. They also have a live chat and email system. 


    Usually, VPS servers are more expensive than shared hosting. But with Hostiinger you can find affordable plans for your website. You can get the VPS hosting at the cost of shared hosting at some of the services. Though it lacks the uptime which is higher than standard in some options you can get all these low costs which can be a good settlement for the initial time during the upgrade from shared hosting for smaller websites. 

    Parting Words

    With the help of this blog, you can find the best web hosting service in the market which provides the VPS server. This blog will help you in finding the best option which is enriched with great features. After checking out their uptime performance, speed and freebies you can make your decision on which one will be most useful for your website.


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