Websites have many ways of promoting their content and work. Webmasters are always working on sem strategy. Some days it is about creating the content and the other days it is about promoting that content. Starting a blog is not simple, you have to face a lot of difficulties. Prompting the connection is very difficult, but with some of the methods, it can be possible even for the newcomers to promote their content faster and to a wider range of audiences. SEO and digital marketing go hand in hand. You have to take their path to promote and spread your content and gain higher traffic. But apart from this, there are other methods as well which are effective and can help in achieving the same results.

    One of the examples of those options is web push notification. The option is not common to many people, but it is impactful and has a high engagement rate. It will pop on your user’s screen even when they are not on your website. They will receive the notification as a popup on their screen about any announcement related to your website. If you want to find a good web push notification software, then here are some of the best options for you:


    PushEngage is number one on our website because of many reasons. It is also the most popular and used software for web push notifications for WordPress blogs. They have more than 10000 users. Using the software is also simple and easy. Even when it is enriched with a lot of features, it can be accessed by a newbie too.  


    OneSignal as well is a great plugin for web push notifications. One great advantage of picking this software is that it is not just limited to push notifications but has many other features too. They also have features of AB testing on their plugin. You can use this plugin with all types of devices. It also has a segmentation feature. 


    iZooto is a plugin for web push notification that also lets its users set an opt-in prompt with which you can locate the push notification so you don’t barge into a user’s time. It will let you locate the notification only when the visitor has gone through a certain number of pages on your website. It even has analytics which will help you in understanding the insights and make improvements accordingly. 

    VWO Engage (Push Crew)

    VWO Engage is another web push notification plugin for WordPress blogs on this list. It was earlier known as Push crew. The plugin can be accessed on both kinds of devices be it mobile or desktop systems. They have personalization features and also let you check the analytics of the process’s progress. 


    PushAssist is another popular plugin on our list. It has all the essential features which most of the plugins on the list have, like segmentation, analytics, personalization and many other features. It also has a monetization option which will be helpful for the people who are planning to make money through online mode. 

    Final Verdict

    The above-mentioned web push notification software is some of the best for WordPress blogs. All of them are easy to use which will make the process easy for the newbies as well. These options have great features which can help you in doing so many tasks easily. They also have great support. All the options are amazing. It is up to you which one you choose based only on your requirements and choices. Do not rush in making the decision and find the best one for your blog which will benefit your website the most. Some of them are also free, which means that the beginners who are running low on budget can also find something for their necessity. 


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