Audiobooks and podcasts are the rages these days. You can find many people, even popular celebrities, recording it. This means that at some point in time, you might also want to add audiobooks or some audio files to your website. WordPress is a great platform to host your website. With this platform, you also get the optimizer with which you can publish the audiobook and also make the right optimization. But the features that it provides are very basic. You won’t find anything advanced in those features and setup.

    For this reason, you need some advanced audio players for your website. It is especially important for the websites which publish audiobooks and podcasts regularly. This will help you in making the editing, optimization, and publishing it in the right size as per your website. Your users will easily be able to play it too. But one of the issues which come with it is which one to select. If you are also struggling with the same problem, then this is the blog for you. Here we have mentioned the best audio player for your WordPress website.


    Number one on our list is AudioIgniter. This plugin is effective and fast. It will help you in building a playlist within minutes. It is also simple to create an entire show with this audio player. Installing this audio player is very easy and can be done quickly. After installing you can quickly start using it too. You will find the dashboard where it has the option for adding a playlist you can use for creating or adding new ones.

    Compact WP Audio Player

    One of the difficulties of downloading different plugins or players on a website is that it slows it down. But with Compact WP Audio Player, this is not the case. The audio player I fast and light, which means it won’t take up much space on your WordPress website. This audio player will post a button on the WordPress website. It is usually your website’s front end. It is a responsive player which works on many devices and also provides changes and settings. 

    PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

    In this list, we have one of the most used and also popular audio players which have made its name in the market. This audio player has more than 60000 installations to date, which is a big achievement. The player is especially useful for posting podcasts one by one in various stores like Apple or Google. They have a default setup, which is for basic uses for beginners. But the beauty of it is that it also helps advanced users. 

    Audio Dock

    Different websites and niches have different demands. There are websites that publish content but also want to set up the mood of the users as per that. Well, for that you have a perfect solution which is Audio Dock. This one helps in setting the right track for your website, which will play and be visible on your website.


    Cue is a simple and basic audio player which supports WordPress files and lets you do okay then smoothly. It supports and depends on the WordPress media editor, which helps in selecting the track to set on your website screen. You can select the audio and create a playlist. They help in selecting, arranging, and optimizing the racks as per your requirement. 

    Final Words

    With the pool of options, it is definitely difficult to find the right audio player for your WordPress website. But after reading this blog you will find some of the best options which are really effective and will help your website in publishing and playing the audio in the right way. You should check all the features and select the player which suits all your requirements for the website. 


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